The DIRs: First Edition

New feature. New header... with a little attitude. Is anyone else pissed off yet? Good. You'll lurve this feature then. This is for all of the stuff that makes you stop and say, Damn IT! And yes, even a few God Damns as well. Oh yea, I said it. Deal with it. Here's a few issues that are just pissing us off over here at QCI HQ.

OH SHIT - This is a quick shout out to the Fly Boys highlighting the Newsweek cover... DAMN IT... even f'ing Newsweek says it. This not only makes us say DAMN IT... but OH SHIT.

OBAMA - Listen, we weren't really interested in the whole bashing POTUS on his every move... but DAMN IT, it makes it hard after his first few weeks. Seriously, they thought GWB was arrogant? Come on, just look at last night's presser. He'll say he's not partisan, then launch into some smart alec bit about the minority... thus turning it into a partisan thing. It's all you Mr. President. Good luck with the porkulus

GOVT TOUR? While were at it, what's up with FLOTUS's tour of government? Damn it! For real yo... this is their mindset. Government worship. Seriously. This should scare the living shit out of you.

STATE GOVT - So yea... new carpet at RIO. DAMN IT! What in the hell, right?

We could go on for a while... nut QCI is gonna get a little more positive and offer solutions. You know... because after a quick smoke... we'll be all calmed down Stay tuned.

Oh, and one less Daily Damn It for Iowa bloggers... you know... everytime you used to check The Real Sporer... no updates... then you went, damn it! No longer, he's back. Nice work Uncle Ted.

QCI-ders... anything else making you say, DAMN IT! ?