CC: 40,000, Cool Event Alerts & New Theme Song

Oh yea… Caucus Countdown up in here! So yea… this is an apology… for the lack of postage… I know you all have the shakes like a bunch of meth addicts before they go to Investco Field in Denver to get their latest bag of crack rock… um yea… you didn’t know the biggest meth lab in the country is Investco Field? You know, Satan and his demon friends play there? Hello? Anyhoop… now that you know about the crack dealers from Denver… grab the CC and maybe a little 7-up… let’s get random.

THE BEAN WALKER – QCI-ders… you are NOT going to want to miss this event. Monday, March 2… 6-8:00pm… Dos Rios… Downtown Des Moines… the launch of a website that will be a part of you daily reads. Make sure you RSVP to this link. It’s free, gonna be a ton of fun… and you can buy me a beer when you are there! How freaking cool is that!!! Do they serve Milwaukee’s Best Light? Serious dudes… this is going to be a great site you better be there.
SPEAKING OF COOL EVENT ALERTS – Have you all heard about PURSE? It’s this new organization formed to recruit, educate and mentor, and elect Republican women. They are having PURSE Palooza on next Thursday, February 19 from 5-7pm out at Sticks in West Glen. You gonna go? If so... you should RSVP by clicking here. Yes… and these gals are that cool… I’m going to make a trip to West Des Moines. “(GASP) G$... you will start to burn!” I know… I know… they have CostCo out there… so I’ll load up on sunscreen… I will be OK. So yea… you better be at this one too. Maybe I should live blog these cool events… hmmm….
METALLICA GRAMMY GOLDEN – Hell yes… you knew I would have to update you on that… the World’s best band won 2 Grammys Sunday. And Rick Rubin got Producer of the Year.
THE CHIEFS ARE LOOKING GOOD – Yea I said it… be on the look out. New GM… New Coach…. $45 Million left in the salary cap (that’s what happens when you have shitty QBs… you don’t have to pay them much). So yea… let’s get rid of LJ and get Tony G. a ring…

“So and so… just got back from lunch at ‘Hooters’. My matress, eerrr waitress, had the biggest purplest hickey ever. I said, "wow, what an unfortunate birthmark".

Yea… wouldn't eat those wings if I were you… I don’t even know what that means…

40,000 FRIGGIN’ HITS? Wow… made a huge milestone today QCI-ders. Now… this number may not be that impressive…. we didn’t create this thing to take over the World or anything… but just to bring the sexy… one mullet at a time. Two big huge thumbs up everyone…. thanks for reading, the snarky comments… junior high humor… and spreading El Camino Republicanism on the interwebs.
AND FINALLY… I know… we usually save this for a mix tape feature… but after 40,000 hits… we figured what the hell, right? Here’s to the next 40,000… let’s start of the next level of awesomeness with on of my favorite concert intros… man this was bad ass when I saw it Ames in ’97… so yea… I think if QCI had its own show… this little ditty would be the theme… crank this up!