The DIRs: Fairness My Ass...

Cool... you all are digging the DIRs. Hopefully this will be a regular bit... but you never know, as I have the attention span of a 2nd grader (and the grammar and spelling of a 3rd grader). Anyways... chillin at lunch... checking Drudge... then you know what happened next.... DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!

HARKIN AND THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE - This stuff usually doesn't trip my trigger... you know the whole Rush Limbaugh thing going on... ect. ect... but then I read this thing in the Politico. Then specifically this from Bill Press:

"You know, we gotta work on that, because they are just shutting down progressive talk from one city after another. All we want is, you know, some balance on the airwaves, that's all. You know, we're not going to take any of the conservative voices off the airwaves, but just make sure that there are a few progressives and liberals out there, right?"


Now we all know were going socialist... bailouts... even f'ing Newsweek said it... now the airwaves? Hey Bill, get this... no one wants to listen to it. Um... that's why Air America or what ever the hell it was called... failed. DAMN IT!

Why am I surprised? The government is running everything else... might as well dictate what is in the media. Oh wait.....

So yea... we got that going for us. Excuse me Senator, we're out of toilet paper... you mind if I use the Constitution? The First Amendment portion would be fine.