RR Dinner 2010 Update #1

Alright first post. We are live at the 2010 Reagan Dinner. And here is what we have right now...

ENERGY - Wow dudes... there is a buzz tonight. Lots of people and they are fired up.

CONLIN IS PELOSI - A fella, donor type just dropped by bloggers row and said, we gotta start spinning that ole Roxanne is Iowa's as Nancy Pelosi... Ok... will try... But she has ZERO chance so we can move on with stuff now.

VOLS AND STAFF - I gotta tell ya... haven't seen this many vols used for an RPI event.... to me this spells that we're gonna have a big crowd.

TIMMY ALBRECHT IN THA HIZZY - He just dropped by bloggers row... always good stuff.

More to come... Everyone hang loose.

Stay thirsty...