Reagan Dinner Update #2

Alright.... it's starting to get a little packed in here.

Just about an hour until we get start the show. Here's a few things for you all that I got...

PEEPS AND PEEPS AND MORE PEEPS - Dang man. Lots of people. This is gonna be a big crowd. Lots of people.

PIZZA RUN - Hey, can someone get a pizza here. Our boy Timmy is hungry and running hard. Pepperoni and mushroom... thin crust. Send it HyVee Hall over at the Nerdary... ERRRR Bloggers row :). Awesome thanks in advance.

CHEERS - Peeps are hooting and hollering in the lobby once in a while. Not sure if its Joni Scotter firing up the peeps or what ever it is. Also, got my Joni hug in. It's officially a RPI event.

SHOUT OUTS - Hey man... Mark Vonderohe is in the house. He made a ton of call this week... enought to score some awesome seats. He and many others are putting in some time making sure we are running full bore. (sp) #goodjoboutofyou Mark and all the other great activists are are getting it done son!

More to come....

Awesomenesss..... stay thirsty.