Weekend Update

Oh look I busted out the ole header... (one of my favorites)... Let's do this... que the music...

We are now officially in Epic Fall... The Hawkeyes putting a Hayden Fry whooping on Saturday and the NFL has started. Pardon me for the smile from ear to ear. Also... are you ready for a for a big week politically? Holy smokes. Let's do a random rundown.

HARKIN STEAK FRY - We start the week with Harkin's annual shindig. Axelrod and some other dude were talking today. But the news out of Indianola is... Culver/Judge aren't sorry at all for their record. I think. Earlier we were told by Governor Culver that he has made mistakes... and we were spinned this apology thing all week. Now... Patty Judge just said, "I make no apologies for our record." Really?
SPEAKING OF THEIR AD - So... the thing is called "Give Us A Chance" or something like that. Hmmm.... Imma gonna go Philly 2000 style on you Governor Culver... "You had your chance, you did not lead, we will." Also Gov, not sure I wanna remind voters that you "grown with the job" when your opponent is... you know... a guy who... ya know... did it for 16 years...
CULVER COMEBACK? Yeah right... If you read the DMR this morning they are ready waiting and hoping to write this story. The "turning point for Culver" they are saying. Child please. When he let the Branstad campaign go the entire summer going unanswered. That's where he lost this. Plus... he's gonna win on stem cells? Really? you know you're in trouble when you touting issues that basically shore up you base... doing this after Labor Day seems right... um, no it doesn't.
SENSITIVE MUCH - So I'm a little late to the party on this one... but after the "Big Bad Debt" ad... Culver's first thing is to challenge TEB for a triathlon? Really? Listen, I'm not even one f the types who say they whole "Chet is fat" bit. It doesn nothing for the debate... and it's stupid. Just ask Gov Christie about it when he's here soon. But the thing that got me... is that was the first thing Team Culver went with... what's next? Claiming there's floating crosses in TEB's ads? Arm wrestling matches? Alright... if we're gonna go with this... and this is what the campaign is really about.... I'm challenging Governor Culver to a grilled cheese eating contest. Because that's what the folks in the unemployment line in this state really want... oh wait.
DEBATE - So... the expectation game is building... I mentioned the DMR thing already... this is gonna be high noon for Culver... if he even had one left. From emails forwarded to QCI HQ points to all signs they're going all out to pack the place.
PALIN IN TOWN - Iowa becomes a part of the circus again... with Sarah Palin coming for the Reagan Dinner. Lots of national types will be coming to cover this one. Of course... we'l be there to take in the things... can you say Live Tweet? Oh yeah. Should be epic.

AND FINALLY... I got more coming this week. Until then... here's a happy little catchy tune. Stay thirsty my friends.