Vroom Vroom!

Well well... here we are. Reagan Dinner Day and if you aren't here tonight... keep clicking here. We got you covered. if you come to the thinger? Stop on by and say hey... Should be a good night of mulitple posts... scoop and other things that may not be interesting at all. Some of the things we'll be chatting up...

PALIN'S BIGGER DAY - Since we talked last, I said the most understated thing in a while... this is a huge day for Sarah Palin. If you sifted through all the news and buzz on this trip... a few things jump out....

1. Eric Woolson knocked it out of the park with this John Glenn 1984 quote.
2. All signs are pointing to a run
3. If you want to win Iowa, you have to play here... we're not much for flirts... you're going to have to ask us out.

Tons of media types gonna be in the house tonight... CSPAN covering it live... dudes... get your popcorn popped... ice down that 12er of Milwaukee's Best Light... Political Dorks of the World unite!

DEMINT 2012 - As in South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint... So this stuff is finally starting to surface. Been hearing that he was being courted... quietly. From what I have been told, the Tea folk dig him better than Palin... just on the substance side of things. And the interesting bit of the day... Bob Vander Plaats is hitting up his staff to come to Iowa. Which just blows up a whole bunch of theories... speaking of 2012.

IS THAT C-RAIG? Dudes.... I know you loves yesterday's video. But as a couple of loyal readers pointed out... is that the founder and editor in chief of The Iowa Republican in the first 10 seconds of the video of awesome? Hmmmm.... New feature? QCI Investigates... and another reason to post the video again... you be the judge.

Vroom vroom party starter! See you all in a while...