And that's it....

They're bussing the tables here in HyVee Hall... Button dudes are out slinging their stuff... campaign kids are getting out signs and other stuff... So here's kind of a wrap up thinger.

PALIN NIGHT - This was a big night for her. Lots of expectations and such. I think she did... alright. The only big thing for her tonight, in my opinion, is that she was here. Nothing was a real game changer until she starts spending more time.

There was no game changer tonight... not that there had to be.

GOOD SHOW - Big shout outs to all staff and volunteers who put this event together. Well done and we are out of here before 9? #goojoboutofyou

THANKS - Hear's a shout out to all you loyal readers. Thanks for saying hello and all that stuff.

Oh... don't think I'm done with this thing... I still got more notes... but I'm still gathering up stuff. You people are a little chatty tonight.... more tomorrow.

See you at Flanagans....

Stay thirsty my friends.