QCI's The Main Event LIVE: 2010 Reagan Dinner

Hey there, ho there, hi there.

You're favorite (smirk) blog for all things politics and junior high humor is gonna be covering the 2010 Reagan Dinner... Press Pass suckas!!!

I've said this before, I love these events. Seeing old friends and getting the low down... it's awesome.

Here's a few things I'm looking at tomorrow.

PALIN'S BIG STEP - Yeah, this is a big step for her. There has been a lot of interesting reads on this. Go over to the Bean Walker and check the article from the Daily Beast. It will be interesting to see the reaction... the expectations... this whole O'Donnell thing.... her new feud with Karl Rove. This is an important stop.
FIRED UP - Hearing all sorts of stories from the field. The Party is pumped... and don't let any snarky Tweets from the otherside tell you different. We gotta come up with some sort of gauge for this... you know like they do with sound and stuff... It's be like "Instant Replay" for political pundits.
STOP AND SAY HELLO - Dudes, stop over and say hey. Wanna hear your takes. Your stories... what you're hearing. I'll post it up here. How about that?! You can be famous to the 10 people who read this! (Hi Grandma!)
WILL THE BUCKET BE BACK - May have to bust out the ole QCI Cheese Ball Question Bucket.... you got some questions to be asked? Email em to grantyoung72@hotmail.com or use and abuse the comment section provided (at no cost to you) at the bottom of this post... because I'm good like that. I'm a hugger and a giver.
TWEET TWEET FREAKING TWEET!!!! If you are super cool and lurk in the land of Twittersburgh, follow me up. Will be live tweets and such. you can lick on this link here. If you digs it, holler back with some Retweetage.

Oh and another cool thing for you all...

OFFICIAL (ISH) POST REAGAN DINNER BASH - After the Shin Dig... how about we continue the awesome, eh? Oh yeah... at the somewhat World Famous Flanagan's... on MLK and Ingersoll. Come chat it up... your post game thoughts and all that stuff... also, you could even buy me an ice cold Miller Lite! How cool would that be? I know, super aweso... nah, epic.

AND FINALLY... Get your groove going a bit... I say this often... but I'm as serious as a dry keg 4 hours before kickoff... do yourself and favor... crank this up and dance sucka, DANCE! See you you all at the thinger and always... always stay thirsty my friends....