Palin and Irony... We have an app for that.

As promised... here's a little more from last Friday Night... plus other things going down...

MORE FROM THE DINNER - So it was all things Sarah Palin in the DeMo. Speech was... eh. Red meat stuff. Just what the doctor orders for these kinds of deals. Had one longtime activist/consultant try to tell me that it was Reagan-ish... and yes with a straight face. Listen it was a rally up the troops thing. Which is... what you do at these deals.
ALRIGHT, I CAN'T KEEP THIS IN - Really? So, she made some dig at Karl Rove again. Party unity! Oh... that's cool. While you were mayor of Where-is-it and shooting things... Rove was... you know, only orchestrating some of the most largest historic gains in our party's history... oh and ran a few of those... dang it... (scratching my head)... what do you call them? Successful campaign election thingers? Also, he has been to Iowa. Twice this year. Oh and one last thing... it's not just you, its just a pet peeve of mine.... unless you all are best sledding friends or something... It's President George W. Bush... Not "G.W."... but that's just the Sam Seaborn in me... my bad. Cool, your pal Christine O'Something won and all of your other superfriends won. A lot with your help. Good for you. But respectfully, to paraphrase Rove who said it best... The American people will elect liberals, the American people will elect conservatives. But the American people won't elect crazy.
WHO IS THIS ESTABLISHMENT YOU SPEAK OF - I get a kick out of this arguement we seem to have in the party from time to time. I mean, I get the basic premise... I know what you are saying. But you all know we elect most of our party leaders, right? So a lot of peeps were talking about this gal out in Delaware... (insert Wayne's World reference here). Lots of chatter about it on Friday. I even overheard... and let's just call this person a big big time "Iowa Party Boss" (if that's the term we're using now)... actually had the menards to say to a group of activists, "You know, these big wigs and others really should should stay out of primaries, let the people speak." Laugh-a-freaking-ble. Hello kettle, meet black... I think you two might really really hit it off. Awe yes... party politics can be a hoot.
HAWKEYES - Urgh... All I got on this is... The Iowa Hawkeyes are like that chick you have an on again off again thing going. They'll break your heart... but you know you'll be hooking up again next weekend. And... it seems so right.
CHIEEEEEEEEEEEEFS! Dudes! The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated! I know! It's awesome! (insert happy dance here)


"So and so... wow, she doesnt just fall off the wagon, she does a swan dive. old gal stumbles in around 12:30, takes a dump on the rug, and has no idea where the car is. good times? not so much."

Best is the first comment under this one from the said gal, "I found the car!" I swear I don't make these up.

IS THERE AN APP FOR IRONY? So Team TEB released a new ad that spoofs the Apple iPhone ads and to promote their new Phone application for the campaign. Clever and well done. The kids over on Fleur Drive snarked back with a little ditty of their own... here's a quick play by play on via Twittersburgh....

@iowademocrats - We're so excited for the new Branstad app that we cut our own commercial!

Followed up with a...

@iowademocrats - To Firefox and IE users trying to view the ad, we fixed that whole "must scroll way down to see anything" problem.

Again, as I said I'm no techie... but it looks like there is an app for irony.

AND FINALLY... Don't judge me on today's tune... but on my way back from hanging with the coolest little kids I know (Ainsley and Harrison)... I was listening to Cousin Brucie on 60s on 6. (So freaking good) Anyways... as you may know, Cousin Brucie was in the movie Dirty Dancing. He had they guy who wrote the soundtrack and scores for the flick. Good stuff... so... anyways... for today's song... you many wanna dance to it. Stay thirsty my friends.