Just like we always do this time of year...

It's baaaaaaaack.... What has become one of our most read features here at the World's Crappiest Blog... QCI Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan's Restaurant and Lounge.
This year's seems to be cooking up to be a great one... with as many races going on... it has to be.
The QCI Writing Team is finishing up their predictions and insights... and since this is becoming one of the biggest Primaries we have had in a while... we are making this feature a 3 post event... I know... epic.
I've seen some of the early drafts from the writers... this one is sure to entertain... be insightful... and be completely crappy all at once. Again, epic.
We have tons and tons of coverage to come after the Gameday post event... so stay tuned for that.
Until then... stay thirsty my friends.