Happiness is a Blackberry...

Holy balls QCI-ders. What a weekend. While I was getting epic with all the peeps at Jewell Jubilee... It was just a weekend of random. Let me explain the ways...

I'M BACK ON THE GRID - Yeah... The pain is over and the joy returns! Oh sweet sweet Blackberry. Let's never fight again.
LG UPDATE - Judging by your emauls err emails... It hit a nerve... And a lot of you agree. Not that I have any inside info on it... Yet... But, my gut tells me we find out this week. Also, remember that whole bit about people guessing who they WANT vs who it SHOULD be? Yeah... it's already starting. And not gonna lie... it's getting a little annoying.
IS QCI NSFW? You know I'm not sure, but when I ask my sister, "Hey, you see my post?" She says, "Grant, I can read that shit at work. You need to watch the language." OK, she didn't say shit... But I get what she's saying.
WORLD CUP FEVER - Never thought I'd ever blog about soccer... But dayam. I gotta tell ya. Loving the horns! And the eery sound. Amazing. That US/England match? The best tweets I read during the opening deal during the national anthems...

1) Why are they singing the wrong words to "My Country Tis of Thee"?
2) Hey England! You listening to our anthem? Its about us kicking your ass! Get ready. <-- Epic.

"So and so... the up side, i went to Dead Lobster for lunch. the down side, my waitresses breath smelled like a used diaper filled with indian food. totally ruined my chedder buscuits."

ROB TULLY AND THE CROSSOVERS - Sounds like a decent band name... But... Sources within the Democratic Party and sources close to QCI are chirping about Election Day cross overs. An organized effort of getting Ds to cross over to vote in the Republican Primary for anyone other than Branstad. Am I surprised? Nah. But I am surprised on a few things. That there are some Ds within the party that aren't happy about it and the operation that Tully has been running. While I get what they are trying to do... I find it as a huge waste of time and resources. At least if I was a D, I would think it is. No one is thinking about this, but guess what... You just got a bunch of Ds to vote Republican for the first time. And there's a lot of them... Who are gonna think... It didn't feel so bad doing it... They may do it again in the Fall. Just saying.
KARL ROVE IN IOWA - Thursday, yours truly was at the Rove event in West Des Moines. Yes, I had enough sunscreen and holy water on me to survive the event... Because I spent a lot of time in West Des Moines... Anyways... Great event... I was feeling all sorts of nostalgia... It was held in the same hotel where I first met the former Texas Governor. But hey there QCI-ders... Pick up Karl's book. One great part of the book is page 138 where the late great legendary Luke Roth gets a mention. Oh Luke... I miss you a lot. Tons. And our party is missing you too. I hope we are making you proud. I wish you were still here. You'd be loving this cycle. Watch over us and give us strength. I love you man.
EPIC NEW BLOG - OK peeps... we gots a new one to add to the LBC. The Flyover Foodie. For reals. A loyal reader and one of our favorite people Noreen Otto has a new blog that's gonna keep you starving all day. It's her adventures of cooking and small town living.

AND FINALLY - Sometimes I can't believe I forget how awesome things are. Perfect example... Pantera. Stay thirsty my friends.