Everything is Happening in the 91st Minute... in Iowa.

Starting to get a little heated around here... And I'm not talking about the weather, QCI-ders. I'm Talking about the heated drama as we build up to the State Convention. Tons of stuff... Let's get to it.

ZAUN IS UP - Whoah... Nelly! Wow. This is impressive. Now before you begin shouting at me that Victory Enterprises did the poll... Remember this... They did one during the primary... And how'd that end up? Oh yeah... Just sayin.
YOU DON'T ARGUE POLLS - I don't care what side you are on. It is the most desperate thing you can do. #badjoboutofyou Team GMLB....
DUELING ADS - Well the Culver peeps and Branstad peeps didn't take that long. Not surprising... When you're getting you ass kicked... You might as well go negative right away... You know... To cover up your record... It's all good Gov Culver... That's just how you roll. Hopefully rolling out of Terrace Hill in January.
THE NITTY GRITTY - Yeah... talk about high drama. This LG stuff? We'll find out here in a bit. Who's it gonna be? Yeah... well unless you're sitting under a rock. All roads are leading to State Senator Kim Reynolds. "BUT G$!!! THEY ARE ANNOUNCING IN ANKENY!!! DUDE!!!" Take off the tin foil hats, friends. But who knows? My educated guess is Reynolds.
CYCLES - It just really goes to show you... after all of the huffing and puffing we did here and everywhere else... LG picks don't really make or break campaigns in this state. I know... I know... I preached last week about it... but I've come to that realization about politics... as much as the cutting edge things that can happen... breaking news and such... there's a reason why political science courses are glorified history classes... because politics is a cyclical reacurring things of history. Oh, there are exceptions to the case. But in this case... its the circle of life Simba.
YOU'RE FULL OF CRAP G$ - You wanna know how I know that LG picks aren't that big of a deal? If you take a look at the history of picks on both sides as well put by O. Kay Henderson... the only difference you get in 2006. And that became more of a clash of egos behind the scenes than it did about uniting the party. You don't believe me? Look at the Nussle/Vander Plaats signs post primary. How many times did you see the signs/logo change? Are you following me yet? Egos are amazing things sometimes.


"So and so...had BLT's last night. best sandwich ever. I cant stop thinking about them. They were so good, once i was full, i just started rubbing them all over myself. I got BLT'd!!!"

Uh... moving on...

USA USA USA USA - Wow... did you you all catch that goal? Just when I thought they were going to lose Americans on this whole, when you tie a game... that was a win, bit.... Something like this happens. Bring on the Germans!
STATE CONVENTION TALK - Yeah... peeps seem to be chirping about this. You heard it here first. Nothing is gonna happen. Who ever the pick is... will be confirmed. Unanimously. Do you know who runs these things? Here's a hint... not the IFPC... not the Campaign of Liberty... ands not Tea Party folk. Love it or hate it... the ICA runs the shop... and they put on a clinic when it comes to conventions. Why I say nothing isn't gonna happen? Um, Steve Scheffler endorsed Branstad after the primary. He's the National Committeeman. He is not going to embarrass or the party when it comes to this type of stuff. Hey... those peeps can be sneaky... but they ain't stupid.
PET PEAVE ALERT - It's been burning at me... so... I figure since I have this outlet to vent... and maybe get a message out... I'll be feeling Chevy Chase about it. Lately... I've been bothered by a couple things.... 1) A lot of lazy reporting by local television newsrooms in our media market. 2) People speaking on the authority of a subject, when they have NO EFFING STANDING TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT! Drives me insane. It's been making me throw things at my televison. So can you people doing this make it stop? Thank you so much.
BOBBY V - There's a lot of chirping going on about Bob Vander Plaats. In fact he'll be on WHO Radio tomorrow afternoon at 5pm. Interesting. Is he going 3rd party? You're guess is as good as mine. Here's my 3 guesses.... 1) He announces he's running or not 2) He says he is still in the decision making 3) he's starting a new PAC or organization. But that's my gut... Want your interesting fact of the day? Took BVP 3 runs for Governor to just get past the percentage that Bill Salier got in 2002. Don't even know what that means... but just thought it was interesting.
POLLS AND ADS - We talked about this already in this post. But wanted to throw this out there. I really want to know how the other side is doing on fundraising right now. I find it very telling. Take for example... the new darling of the grassroots... Brenna Findley. She has a ton more cash than Tom Miller. I think the Ds on the down ticket races are... sandbagging it. I tell you what. If I were a Dem and a part of all that stuff... And when you're standard bearer... the guy who is the top of your ticket is 26 points down... I'd be at effing DEFCON 1 over on Fleur Drive. Just sayin'...
TWITTER CONSISTENCY - What a difference a year and half makes... Now, I'm not trying to get cocky here... But hear me out. I've noticed something between all of the punch counter punch stuff going on between Culver/Branstad... RPI/IDP... when it comes to Twitter stuff... communications... The otherside isn't that great at it. Especially on Twitter. Hell @desmoinesdem is doing a better job 10 times over than a "well trained" political communication operatives. Seriously. Their tweets are almost like they feel like they have to be there instead of embracing it. And yes, I know of other State Democrat parties that do very well at it. Just something I noticed.
WILL THE REAL KRUSTY KONSERVATIVE PLEASE STAND UP - Please stand up... please stand up. This fake letter... fake email... fake facebook account shit... needs to stop. Grow a pair of balls. I know whoever is posing as Hershel... ain't the Hershel we all know and love. I'm not only talking about these mysterious packages and such... there's other peeps who have been doing it... and get this friends... this is 2010... not 1998. If you're gonna run a scam... how about offering some lottery winnings from a foreign country. Cool? Alright.

AND FINALLY... You make a Slim Shady reference... and you gotta play it. Play on players... and in 12 hours... we will officially know. Stay thirsty my friends.