We Must Be Getting Close...

Hey there QCI-ders and hope you all are getting your Memorial Weekend off to an epic one. Reporting live from God's Country... we thought we'd stop back and chirp a little bit... while we may all be on vacation... these campaign peeps certainly are not.

Kind of a bunch of things caught my eye since the last time we had a chat... especially in the 3rd... so let's get to it.

REACHING VOTERS - Again... we're getting close to the 2 minute warning when it comes to the primary. And... of course... the hack in me gets all... well... taking it in. Of course the traditional phone calls and door knocking are happening right now... but other stuff just keep popping up.

- #goodjoboutofyou C-Raig over at the TIR for a great wrap up on the new ads in the 3rd District. I really like Gibbon's new one (of course we're all Monday Morning Quarterhacks when it comes to media) but I think he should have been running this one since the beginning. Solid, solid ad. Zaun has a good closer too. And Funk with a well done one as well.... I find it interesting that these fellas can produce better ads than some Guv candidates... but that's me just talking out load. Who's ready for a photo finish.
SOCIAL MEDIA - Lots and lots and lots of Facebook profiles are being changed lately to the candidates of their choice... I've seen a ton of Branstad ones... and I'd say Funk/Zaun/Gibbons and yes a Rathje one... and others... Are Facebook Profile Pics the new yard signs?
NEWSPAPER - Yes... Not often do I pick a hard copy of the Register... but today, I was glad I did to catch another ad... from Mark Rees. The DMR has been selling these for a while now... to car dealers... shops and everyone in between. But caught the double hit in the Metro section. Again, I thought its clever... but as the story is with political ads... did it reach?

ENDORSEMENTS - Whoah Nelly.... A couple of doozies late this afternoon... of which I thought it was odd to release these then... or today for that matter... voters and the public for that matter checked out yesterday when they were looking towards Memorial Day Weekend... but anyways... these were released... So here's what I got...

- Interesting indeed. But that's all I know about it. Because the release was never copied and pasted into the body of the email. Do the other candidates have any other Iowa Hawkeye stars to one up this? Or are there any other Acie Earl's out there other than THE Acie Earl.
REP. DAWN PETTENGILL ENDORSES DAVE FUNK - This is a good one my friends... and a big pick up for Dave and his P-Funk All-Stars. The other fellas must not have been making it out east as much as they should have... from the release:

“In the past, I have not given out endorsements during primaries. But, I am proud to offer my endorsement to Dave Funk, who has spent a lot of time talking to the people in my district. If a candidate doesn't want to come while they are campaigning, how in the heck will we get their attention when they are the Congressman? His doing the work now, tells me he will do it later.”

Yikes other guys.... yikes... no love for Blairstown Sauerkraut Days? C'mon son.

FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS? Yes... sources close to QCI are telling us there are some fake ones out there... more to come on this...

AND FINALLY... I thought we'd rock a little Slipknot... such a sad deal. RIP Paul Gray.