Orenthal James Culver...

Just when I think stuff gets a little slow... It picks up... How about a little Humpday (hahaha Hump...) Dose of random stuff. Freaking QCI crappy news room is getting a lot of stuff.

PA POW!!!! Ka bayam! Holy effing crap, you see this poll? Wow. Branstad starts out a week since winning the nomination with a 26 point lead. Yes... We have a very long way to go... But I didn't think it was that bad... But wait... It gets even more awesome...
FEDERAL MONEY THINGER - Yeah.. So looks like this whole mismanagement deal is kind of Culver's schtick. The funny thing... Well I guess not funny like a clown... But the dude sez he's gonna fight back. Thanks for playing Governor Culver.
ALL IS WELL - Yeah... So Big Lug today sez... "Dude, these polls aren't always right. The margins were very different in the polls than they were in the Primary... Hahaha (wipes sweat of his forehead).. Nah Dude... I'm good dogg." Really Man? Is that a $100,000 ad buy you just did the past couple of days? Again... we appreciate you being here.
ARGUING WITH POLLS - I'm seeing a whole bunch of professional pollsters out there... who knew we had so many experts? Yeah... I'm not an expert at all... that's why these firms make the big bucks... But one thing I do know... Don't argue about them. They are what they are... and if you begin to argue about a poll you start to look desperate. Just saying.


"So and so... Learning life lessons while doing yardwork. I have learned that alcohol, shorts and weed whacking do not mix."

Ouch. Just Ouch.

STRAIGHT UP CLASS IN THE 3RD - Looks like there a whole lot of candidates and politicians that could learn a lot from from the fellas in the 3rd District. All 6 former primary opponents endorsed Brad Zaun. I heard it was a great vibe in the room and Zaun was on fire. I hope there are other folks in races who didn't fair as well as they want to in the primary... take notice of this.
AND FINALLY... Something about a Billy Joel song that puts you in a good mood... Stay thirsty my friends...