Ask a question and I'll give horrible answers...

Alright... What did we on Monday Nights before 24? Urgh... Soon... Say I'll the same thing about Monday Night Football. Again... I'm just about a predictable as you can get.

Well maybe I'll answer some of the fan mail we receive here at QCI HQ on Monday nights. OK... Yeah, I know... This will just change when... I a... Well, you know how long features last here...

So how about we just answer the mail bag and if the five of you who read this ask more questions... Maybe we'll do this again next Monday night... Oh and if any of you foreign blog comment spammers have a question you would like me answer... Or offer me your million dollar lottery winnings... Email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com.

Ok... Your questions... For real, I'll leave the names out... To protect the innocent...

G$, you cover a lot of topics. But your sport references are hard to follow. Can you fix that?
Really? The sports references? I know. I will try... But dude... I'm a dude... This is what me and buddies chirp about. Its like a little language we all speak. But here's something to help you. Check the sports page once in a while. Cool you're set.

G, you're an insider. Who's your pick for Lt Governor?
First, quit calling me an insider. That kind of sounds... Well creepy. Hard telling. I know crappy answer. Sorry. As it was said in the Gameday post... These TEB guys are putting on a clinic. We'll find out soon.

Grant, are you ever going to grow up?
Gonna answer this with a question. What's growing up these days? No way, ma'am. I just want to get to a point where I can roll with Keith Richards... Basically... Get on the cover of Rolling Stone... Hang out with a babe way out of my league on red carpet premieres... Hit SNL... Then if I get the said babe out of my league to roll with me... Maybe a Malibu house on the coast... Maybe one in Clear Lake or Okoboji... I know some peeps there... Then get a Southfork Ranch type of joint in God's Country... Of course with a massive, epic garage. Then... Maybe throw an epic tailgate with my pals at Hawkeye or Chiefs games... Oh, and then write a check to the Church that insures that we have a priest at Good Shepherd Parish in Jewell... For life. Then write another check to make NIACC a small state university similar to Northwest Missouri State... Bring back the football program. And then... Maybe get a wiener dog. Nah, two... Butch and Sundance. To me... That's what a grown up G$ would do. Is that really grown up? Who knows... I think that's my idea of making it rather than growing up... So, I'll keep you posted on that.

Yo G! When's the book coming out?
Bwahahahahahahaha! Soon. Stay thirsty on that one. Lots of cool stuff coming on this.

Dude, what's with the Twitters? You're crazy!
Um, the twitters are epic. Give me a follow friends... @grantyoung72. Yeah, my football number. Yeah, I'm that dork.

G$, Big Ten is the Big 12 and the Big 12 is the Big Ten. What gives?
Dude... There's only one Big Ten. Check yo self fool. Child please. I wanna know how many times Texas has called Missouri and Iowa State to get him a sandwich?

Grant, how do you come up with this stuff?
When I find out, I'll let you know. Stuff just happens. Sorry, did I tell you I'm a dork? First part is admitting it.

Dude, I know you love music. What's you're favorite?
Uh... Man this is a tough one. Because I like everything. I love me some 60s. Call it my weird epic upbringing. While the cool kids were listening to Q102... I was jamming to KIOA as a kid. I loves me some one hit wonders. But it was cool that some old dude told me once that I would have done well in the 60s... So I got that going for me...

G, do you have a favorite Democrat?
Yes, two. I don't hate anybody... Unless they wore a Denver Bronco uniform. I effing hate those bastards. Gotta go with Paul Wellstone and Tom Harkin. Shocker. I know. Now I know this gonna be weird... And I don't agree with a helluva lot with them. But here me out. Wellstone, because he actually believed what he was saying. I know... I don't agree with him... But love the fact he believed what he believed. Harkin? Uh, he was at my Grandfather's funeral... We prolly aren't gonna agree on anything. But... To this day... Anytime he sees my Grandma at an event... He says nice things about Grandpa Uthe. And she smiles. So good job Senator.

OK... So... That's all I'm answering tonight... More to come. Stay thirsty my friends. Oh and why not crank some Gerry Rafferty? OK good.