QCI Cares...

Dear People of Earth,

There are times of tragedy and despair... Snow storms.. Earthquakes... Lindsay Lohan... The Kansas City Chiefs... People living in starvation... Worms being used for fish bait... Unemployment... Rising debt... Dogs and cats living together... Some real issues of the day. Instead of sitting on the sidelines making snarky commentary and waiting for solutions... we are here to bring hope. Recently... we offered some advice... a little help... to those in need. You can read all of it here. Sadly, either folks are not on the interwebs... ignoring the problem... or hoping it just goes away.

After some chatter from some loyal readers. We cannot let this tragedy go on any longer. That is why I'm proud to announce a new charity...

QCI's Crappy Tie Relief Effort
Where we're not here to judge... we're just saying.

Friends it's time to take action. Here's how the CTRE works and the ways you can help:

- Notify us of people in need of better ties. Our network of gracious families will adopt these people and give them a better life. A life without cartoons in their formal wear.
- Donate your good ties. A website of drop off centers will be available soon.
- Make a financial contribution to purchase better ties or help fund the recycling of crappy ties as they find new life in the Circus and Carnival Industry.
- Promote awareness by wearing a nice tie.
- Complement those with good ties. Especially in the presence of others who thought Mighty Mouse was cool enough for today's board meeting.

Together we can start a movement, a movement of hope. Very soon, we will announce a series of benefits and concerts. All are to help raise the necessary funds and needed awareness for this cause. The Crappy Tie Relief Effort: Where we're not here to judge... we're just saying. I trust we count on your help for this worthy charity.