Channelling my inner sports nerd...

Hey hey there QCI-ders... here's where I really annoy my loyal readers with obscure sports stuff. Yeah... kind of a junkie when it comes to this subject. For those those who know me well... I can just about get into any game that's on. My sister asked me once... "What's your favorite to watch?" My answer... "Hmmm... uh..." She follows up, "Alright, basically anything on, right?" and I'm like... "uh yeah." It's so true. Some peeps think I must have some secret bookie or something. Because, I can get into just about any game. Not much of a gambler... I just love to watch. Which brings us to another random post of sports things... humor me here.

HOCKEY DAY - If you did not watch Olympic Hockey yesterday... you completely missed out. Now, admittedly... I'm a causal hockey fan.... meaning... I'll follow it and actually watch a game here and there when available. But yesterday... was off the freaking charts. First the Russians and the Czechs. Probably one of the hardest hitting games I've ever watched... which makes it interesting because the Europeans are more skaters than hitters like their North American counterparts. But my guess is, because of no fighting in the Olympics... and the fact that these countries and players, hate each other. I don't think anyone who was on the dasher boards left with out getting hit. It was awesome.
USA! USA! USA! - Wow... did you all catch that? Upsets amongst upsets. Probably the best game I have ever watched. The big losers last night weren't the Canadians... although... they may think that today. The biggest loser in last nights game was the sport of hockey and it fans... because not many got to see it. That game would have made hundreds of thousands of fans of the game. Which is sad. It's a GREAT sport to watch... and not as hard to follow as you think.


"So and so... USA-5 Canada-3. This might be the day the Jungle e-mail server finally melts down, especially since American clones were already texting LAST NIGHT. Samples: "Dear America's hat, Well...you'll always have seal clubbing. Sincerely, 5 to 3" -Wal in Bend... "5-7-5 Canada is good / But Miller just stoned your ass / Cue up Carl Lewis."- Rob in Cleveland. BRING IT"

Geez... wonder who's status that is... hilarious listening today.

TRAGEDY ON THE QUARTER MILE - If you know me well... you know I follow the NHRA. I'll argue its the fan friendliest in all of motorsports. But yesterday, the sport of drag racing showed its very dangerous and mortal face as a fan was killed. Antron Brown's top fuel dragster went out of control, then a tire flew striking a woman in the stands. She was pronounced dead later at a Phoenix hospital. Having been to numerous NHRA events... I can tell ya... incidents like this are rare... But true NHRA fans know, that stuff like this can happen anytime. The NHRA spends countless hours on preparation for accidents and incidents like this.
THE CELTS STREAK ENDS - Yeah... my brain was getting pretty fried yesterday. The Celtics were the late afternoon game while the hard hitting Russia/Czech game was on. Man... I think the reign is over... these guys need to get healthy but have a toughs sch ahead. Great to see Garnett back in the line up... Good West Coast road trip though. Need some wins in the Garden this week.
CURLING - Call it a case of Olympic fever... but man... I'd join a curling league in a heart beat. Who's with me?!

AND FINALLY... While this weekend was a fun sports weekend (Olympics, Hockey, Basketball, High School Wrestling finals)... especially Sunday... I still miss football on Sundays... well... everyday in general... So crank this... Also, stay tuned tomorrow. I came up with an economic development idea... will post tomorrow... some may agree... most will laugh... until then, stay thirsty.