Question Time at QCI...

I guess I can admit it... I'm a news junkie. Probably more than a political junkie... in some cases. Spooky thought... Isn't kind of interesting how and where we get our news these days? Call me ancient... but growing up... you had basically three: Newspaper, TV and Radio. Not much has changed I guess... Still catch the 6 and 10 news, have the radio on as I'm getting ready in the morning... only now I check the papers on Twitter... still get the hard copy of the Jewell Scoop every week though.

So what's with the trip down newsy memory lane? Not sure... I just have a few random questions... from the news and observations I have had lately... feel free to answer in the comment section.

Iowa Film Tax Scandal: Did you see they reported paying $225 for a hand broom? Please tell me these guys making these movies in Iowa are members of Congress.

Changing of the State Seal: Are you kidding me? They actually debated this? How do peeps working on the budject and government reorg feel about this? p0wn3d?

Weather: How many times are we going to hear the words "travel not recommended"?

Crappy Twitter Updates: How annoying are twitter hashtags that only one person uses? Then over uses them? Over and over and over? And think that they will trend? Hey... at least there are others who actually use #goodjoboutofyou... remember that before you send me hate mail.

What is more annoying? People who suddenly claim to be life long Saints/Colts fans or people who root for the team that has more Iowa connections?

Speaking of... How many new UNI fans are gonna come out of the closet in March? Even the ones who attended the school and never stepped one foot in the UNI-Dome or McLeod Center?

Side Note: Nah... I'm not saying you can't root for any given team on any given day. You may have a couple grand on the game... hell, I'll probably root for UNI in the tourney... I'm just saying, I won't act like I've been for years... truth be told, you'd be surprised how long I've actually rooted for the Hawkeyes. Can you guess?

DC: Anyone else cool with our Nation's Capitol getting shut down because of Snowmageddon? Less damage is being done, that is for sure. And I'm talking about all of them.

Baseball: Pitchers and catchers report in a week, who's excited? Or who is meh? Or who is like... Football!? Football!? Why must you go?!

Iowa DNR: Need more proof that these guys are out of touch? I've got one, banning worms for fish bait? Oh and don't even try to make the arguement for it... because I'll get Tommy to get his tack hammer out... got it?

Ture or False: The Nachos at the Library are a national treasure.

People's Brains: Are peeps arguing stupid things, doing stupid things... in a crappy mood... and all that stuff... because all of our brains are frozen? Yikes...

Alright... enough... How about indulging in what I consider one of Metallica's greatest performances... namely... this song and this show in Moscow 1991...

Crank it up and wear a hat... so no one can see the horns popping out... heheheheh... metal.

It's a joke people, horns will not grow out of your head if you listen to this...

Or will they.... muahahahahahahaha.....