Feedback Friday... You people need to take up a hobby.

Maybe this should be a new feature... Feedback Friday? Yeah right... like a feature here on QCI lasts more than... a post or two... Don't judge me, I know my limits...

So after some emails, Tex Mexes and a few conversations with readers... and occasional on lookers from the past couple of months... I'm gonna respond to your feedback. But first... an epic status from the snowstorm out East...


"So and so... Schneider's Liquor just sent an email saying they'll be closed tomorrow due to Snowmageddon 2.0. Not sure if its more distrubing that a) I'm on a liquor store's email list b) they're closing c) this was far worse news than the forecast upgrade to 30+" snow"

How about.... D, not disturbing at all?

Alright... let's answer some of your questions, comments and insults... directly from you.

What is up with your spelling and grammar? It's "cited" not "sited". (Sigh) Yeah... I really suck at it. I could come up with a million excuses, but why fight it. Even when I use spell check... It's like I'm stuck on stupid sometimes. My bad... and I am really working hard on this. Good thing I scored this poster from The Oatmeal... it's like they are inside my head. Weird.
Where do you get the Facebook Statuses of the Day? Well... just by seeing it. I know a lot of funny people. And funny people put funny stuff as their status. You think you found one? Email it to me.
You didn't really eat 65 grilled cheese sandwiches in one setting? Yes I did. I have witnesses.
Why do you hate West Des Moines? Hate is a strong word. I'm just not a fan and enjoy the city of Des Moines proper a bit more. I do hit West Duh Moines once in a while. See my peeps and usually stay in the bufferzone. So I don't have to put on extra sunscreen.
What is all of this "epic" stuff? You say it all the time. Uh... It's a long story. Basically, epic is the new awesome... and its sweeping the nation. Check yourself.
Where is God's Country? Southern Hamilton County, Iowa. Don't ever let anyone tell you its anywhere else. I'm sure God has other places that are his favorites... Like... Kinnick or Arrowhead Stadium... or South Bend, Indiana... but for real... there is only one God's Country, and it's Southern Hamilton County, Iowa. Fact.
You put out the most random content. Yeah... do I say thanks? Or sorry? Probably both. Contrary to what some may not believe... my brain runs super fast... I'm serious. Thoughts, ideas and other things are running faster than most NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters... all in my brain... the only thing is... they go around in a circle and I can't keep up with them. So that's why I'm so random... Not sure if there is a cure for this. If you know of one, let me know. It gets annoying sometimes.
Who are you supporting in the primary? Officially neutral. Call it a small small way of trying to keep some sort of intregity for this horrible blog ER waste of time. I'm being totally honest here. I have friends supporting every candidate. That's where I get most of my scoop and such. Some chirp more than others do to me. Plus I get invited to do a lot of events and like to see how our peeps are doing. But anytime any of these candidates ask for advice... I'll give it. All you have to do is ask.
You know the Chiefs suck, right? Yes. Yes right now they do. What can I say... I'm a sucker for hope.
Are you really writing a book? Yes. What started out as a series of smart alec posts.... turned into this whole thing. Hard to explain, but I think it was the only time I caught up with my brain. (wow, that would be an epic song lyric)... but yeah. I'm really working hard on this. Hopefully it doesn't suck and people will enjoy it. Even if Kinkos ends up as my publisher... because I'm classy like that.
Love your Twitters. I follow them all the time. Oh yeah. Sorry for that too. Oh... I mean thanks. Feel free to follow me up here.
What are your positions on the issues? El Camino Republican. Of which means a bunch of things. I made up my own label... My views are conservative. How conservative? I don't even know what that really means anymore. I'm prolife (and that means I'm against the death penalty too). I support tax cuts and think we need to get real serious about spending. Quit talking about it... and actually cut the things we don't need. I believe we will see the Kansas City Royals will win a World Series, the Chiefs win a Super Bowl and I will make out with Elizabeth Shue live on stage at the Grammys... before anyone in my generation will see a Social Security check. Keep the government out of the way of people being successful. Strong defense. Truth, justice and the American way. Some say I'm a Liberatarian in my views... I don't know. I'm not big on labels. I guess I should take some Facebook quiz somewhere to tell me where I sit. You know, because Facebook quizes solve everything... And you all can stop sending those to me... now.
You are right. I can't think of a Doppleganger for you. Yeah, I know. Right? I guess I'll just have to be a really good Grant Young.
What does #goodjoboutofyou mean? Exactly what it means. It's a cool way of saying... "Hey, nice job man." Or "Way to go." Or "That's awesome." Or "High five." And so on... and so on...
Do you enjoy blogging? Yes. It's fun. And I like how some campaigns are taking the blog peeps seriously. Not me of course... no one really reads this. OK, they do. And yes, it is also true... my Grandmas reads this. (Hi Grandmas, love you) Yeah... I've said this before. But it's always nice to hear what people think of it. Lately, I'm finding out that complete strangers read this. And its cool to meet them in person.
Who do you like in the Super Bowl? Uh... I guess, I'm just hoping for a good game. I'll just quote what my mother says every year: "The Super Bowl? Who cares the Chiefs aren't in it anyway." But I would say... Saints if its lopsided. Colts if its close.

Alright... maybe I answer some more. Got a question, comment or insult? Email grantyoung72@hotmail.com

Until then crank this and stay thirsty.