WATERMELON MADNESS PICS - Starting top left to right: Stanhope State University softball tournament, 100 plus year old Young and Sons Farms, parade action, EJS Police - Southern Hamilton County's finest. garage party at Whitey’s, and my cousin Kempton goofing off after returning back from the 2nd call of the night for the Stanhope VFD.

Whew… what a great weekend for the editors of QCI. Watermelon Day weekend, hanging out with family, playing a fun softball tournament (although very sore), Lion Burgers, homemade pie, watching storms run in and run out, garage parties, Barnstormers get a clutch win on the road… just good times. To sum it up in the words of the Old Milwaukee commercials, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Here’s a piece of Stanhope Locker beef jerky’s worth of randomnous for you to chew on.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Well the SCC meeting has come and gone… and absolutely nothing happened. Well they did do their thing. Reports and other stuff… but alas, a dramaless meeting. No shootings, knife fights, mix martial arts… not even a little M80 war (watch your fingers). David Chung has all the deets and stuff. While bloggers and gossip hounds are feeling more let down than going to a NASCAR race where there wasn’t any crashes... thank God there wasn't any drama... for once.

SOME LAPS AROUND THE BLOGS THAT MATTERHershel knocked out some good stuff in an article in the DMR that talks about the major challenge in the party. Smoker hater Emily at Battleground has some more crap on the troubles I the Iowa Football program. Uncle Ted is talking Convention Reform. In Flyover Country has some advice for Barak Obama.

So there you go. And to start the week on the right foot… and a little ode to the commie days on this blog, here’s one of my absolute all time favorites songs performed in Moscow… circa 1991. A quick warning… I hope you are prepared for the bad ass exhibition of straight up heaviness…
Watch how the Soviet Soldiers crack down on the kids rocking out... kind of reminds me of Court Avenue on Friday and Saturday nights with the bouncers cracking down on the smokers...