And Tom Latham is the man. We’ve been big fans of TL here at QCI for a long time. And this morning, on the way to work… TL did it again. Caught the new Latham radio ad on WHO. Nice job and kudos to Team TL for breaking out of the gates as the first local campaign to be up on the air. Lathamizers get it. It’s the economy stupid. Gas prices, gas prices, gas prices.

Full disclosure, we’re knuckle dragging conservatives here at QCI… but contrary to what some feel in our party that we gotta talk abortion, gay marriage and other social issues all the time (while all important)… that’s not gonna win you the entire thing this year. If some guy has to worry about if he’s gonna have enough gas to get to work or have enough to feed his kids… I’d almost argue the same guy who voted for GWB because of social issues in ’04, would care less about which marriages should be be legal if that meant you would get gas for under $2.

Another reason why Tom Latham is the man… check out the video over at Krusty’s of TL laying the smacketh on his colleagues. Hell yea! Whatcha gonna do, when TL goes wild on you, Mean Gene!

Speaking people on gone wild… after watching the TL smackdown… I found this other video from his opponent. Becky… green… something… Naga... Naga... Not gonna beat TL Greenfield. Anyhow… here’s the video, blasting Latham for having a Karl Rove fundraiser???

Um, Becky… sweetheart… it was a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Iowa. Not Tom Latham… sorry dear. It was a nice try, though. Looks like you put some work into it. Good for you. At least you can say you got to do the whole cutesy YouTube response thingers. You got that going for you. Hopefully you raised enough to pay for all of the high tech equipment and stuff you used to make the video. I hope so. All that production must have cost a fortune.

Karl Rove raised all that money for Latham? Huh? Nice work on really trying to stretch that one. You don’t think it was a big stretch to make a Karl Rove reference for a cheap hit? Here’s a bigger stretch. Becky notgonna beat TL Greenwald has a better chance of beating Latham like I have a chance to spend an evening with Elizabeth Shue.

Elizabeth Shue... (Hearts!)

...yeah, not gonna happen either.