QCI IS BACK! Whew… what a week. The World’s Crappiest Blog… returns and has some stuff with a side of garlic mash potatoes. OK, how about some cottage cheese. No? OK, how about a side salad… don’t have any bacon… alright here you go.

CONVENTION RECAP – There’s tons of stuff out there with about this week all about the State Convention. Krusty had the preview, smoker hating Emily at Battleground had some crap, Uncle Ted chimed in, and John Deeth live blogged the day.

THE UGLIEST SIDE OF REPUBLICAN POLITICS IN IOWA – No matter what faction or side or movement you are for… if you don’t believe this was one of the ugliest faces our party has put on in the past few months, I want to sell you the Locust Street Bridge.

I’m all for anyone who wants to do anything. Run for this or run for that. Spend all of the energy and enthusiasm you want to get there. Have at it hoss. I know that politics is a blood sport, but for once, in an election year, how about using all of this energy towards winning elections. Think about this QCI-ders, if we were as good as we are about feuding, running convention campaigns and whatever else trips your trigger as we are in getting active in campaigns… think about how many offices we would have in power. More questions (that I know the answers to) as one delegate put it, “Why can’t we have just a choice? Why does it have to be I have to vote for someone else because the other one is bad for whatever reason? Why not vote for someone because they would be good at it?”

Now that the dust and manure have settled after this convention, my hope is that we unite to do what is really important… um winning elections. Oh yea, the whole reason for forming a party anyway. (Sigh)

CONVENTION SHOUT OUTS – While I wasn’t there for the whole thing (I was getting ready for 9,600 of my closest friends to see the ‘Stormers take Quad City to the woodshed) there were tons of good shout outs. Thanks for reading and saying hey.

QUICK NOTES – Here’s some quick notes from this last weekend… all at random. Will have some more updates and comments about the StateCon. Here’s a few to get you going for the week.

3M – good crowd, nice Ambulance… where’s the college republican kid dressed as John Edwards to chase you at parades? Nice work.

HUCKABEE – Didn’t catch a lot of the speech, but heard the nice shout out to Johnny Mac. Also, did he just endorse Bobby V during his speech? Hmmm… Looking forward to his book that comes out AFTER the November election… hmmm…

More for you soon. Chat about all of this stuff. The StateCon, the new QCI look… weirdest and coolest stuff from this weekend… the merits of the Designated Hitter… I’ve got more coming. Until then, it’s too nice out not to grill. And if you’re gonna grill… you gotta have some good tunes. Here’s some good stuff from Buckwheat Zydeco.