Another day, more randomnous. But, gotta be a little honest, there’s not much going on… well sort of. Here’s a brief run down.

SCC MEETING THIS WEEKENDKrusty has the preview… RPI’s “As the World Turns” continues..

DARK KNIGHT – Is gonna kick ass… go see it.

RIB FEST – If you’re gonna go check it out… be sure to check out Tab Benoit on Sunday. So freaking good…

DUDE IT’S WATERMELON DAY WEEKEND – That’s all I got, I’m headed off to the Stanhope State University (home of the Watermelon Warriors) Softball Tournament presented by Young’s Storage Center. With 3 great locations in Stanhope, Dayton and Paton.

Softball, Watermelon Day, having some drinks with my cousins… is this heaven, no, it’s God’s Country Iowa. Speaking of all sorts of Summer Fun this weekend… how about the song of the summer of 2008… crank this up everyone. Have a great weekend. Will try to post some pics from the Watermelon Madness!