How’s it going QCI-ders? Great comments from Tuesday’s post! Keep ‘em coming. Here’s a few thoughts for you today. In a completely random order, importance, special lottery and drawing crap out of a hat. Oh… QCI has busted out some good tunes… check out this mix…

Seriously dudes… I know, I know… you music and rock ‘n roll purists are screaming blasphemy. That song is so OJ Simpson… a guilty pleasure that keeps on giving… plus love the Dark Knight stuff… that movie is gonna kick ass.

Why are you posting the tunes so early in a post G$? To set the mood for the next headline. You know, step up the dramatics a bit.

SCC MEETING SATURDAY – Oh yeeeeeah… here comes tha drama. FlyOver saved me the time in typing the entire story. It’s your MUST READ of the day. Thoughts QCI-ders? Great post. Everything out there that is in post. Nice work. But anything else they missed? There’s a comment section.

HUH? Was passed along this article from a loyal reader. Was this guy at the same convention we were at? Seriously? This is your 2nd MUST READ of the day… just for the laugh.

ALL STAR GAME – Freakin’ awesome. Who knew that you had to get a Royals pitcher later to pull it off. Wait a minute… if it didn’t go extra innings… he wouldn’t have pitched… oh dear.

POLK COUNTY IS KEY – Also, the sun rises in the east. Radio Iowa has some scoop from a Polk County Dem Volunteer Meeting. Former Guv Vilsack was there to rally the troops. The magic number is 10,000. They can’t under perform under that number… and we can have them get over 10,000.

SUPER SATURDAY – It’s Super Saturday y’all!!!! Call the McCain peeps at 515-270-1993 to find out how you can help this weekend.

I think that's enough randomnous...