Top ‘o the morning to ya. Happy St. Patrick’s Day QCI-ders! Just getting back from the first of many QCI Breakfast Club meetings… although I think we may switch it to a happy hour instead (7 is early… even for today). Anyhow... thanks for all who showed up, the 2 of you… (its quality not quantity dudes). We rocked with Maxwell from KIOA and chowed on green eggs. I gotta say, props to everyone for being “masters of your domain” by restraining from the green suds. See you guys down there after work!

SHAMEFUL ROYALS FAN – I have failed you Kansas City Royals. By a watchful eye of a staffer, I was reminded that I spelled Congressional Candidate Peter Teahen’s name wrong. It’s EN not AN… I thought it was the same as right fielder Mark Teahan… except, he spells his just like Peter’s… What is more bonehead about this stupid story? I have the damn Mark Teahen jersey t-shirt… I’m just one big dumb animal folks.

MARCH MADNESS... ER UM, MANIA – Great, I’m gonna get sued now. The Madness from the bracketology of campaigns, petition filing day feeds some more scoop per Donny at Cyclone Conservative. Kim Schmett is running in the 3rd and Larry Disney is challenging McCarthy. Admittingly... both of these scoops have been well known. So it's not so much scoop... just a lesson not to skip county conventions.

GRIESE IS THA SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE – This video is way too funny not to pass along. Which brings an interesting question… Who would win in a fight between the T-Birds and Snoop’s LBC? That’s all I got… until the next episode…