First off, I apologize for the lack of blogging here. Kind of took a Holy holiday here. Will return to some sort of regular schedule… but is there really a regular schedule with me? Lo siento. Anyways, let’s get the party started with the randomness that is the Caucus Countdown.

McCAIN-ALLEN 2008 – You know what’s pretty freaking cool? Judging by the emails, comments and hit stats… you QCI-ders think that this is a dream ticket! Woot! Got a slogan for you, “Hog tie the terrorists! McCain-Allen ’08!” What better to reach out to the youth vote and like-minded democrats than a Vice Presidential candidate who rocks the mullet. And rocks the mullet pretty freaking good.

Can you imagine when they try to go on the attack at the Dem National Convention? Imagine, a presentation with a grainy picture of Jared Allen and gloomy music that to provide some red meat in Denver. I predict no booing at all. You will hear delegates on the floor whispering… “Man, that guy has some sweet hair.” We can’t lose people!

BIG DADDY’S @ 25 – The legendary BBQ joint, Big Daddy’s BBQ, over by East High turns 25 years old this weekend. I got the pleasure to get to know Ike (Big Daddy’s son) during my days with Jeff’s campaign. Don’t forget they’re open from 11 to 3 Fridays and Saturdays, but always ready to take your catering orders. Congrats to the Seymour family. Here’s to 25 more! The DMR had a good story yesterday about Big Daddy, the BBQ and all of the great charitable work of the late great Isaac “Big Daddy” Seymour. Check it out here.

SPEAKING OF BBQ, JUSTICE & THE AMERICAN WAY – Had the great honor of taking a late lunch yesterday up to the Capitol for the Vets for Freedom Heroes Tour event. Guests were treated to THE REAL story on the struggle with Islamic Extremists. Inspiring stories. On top of that, got a get quick munch on some great BBQ courtesy of Lee Booten and his band of BBQ merry men. Nice work Lee and crew!

NOW WAIT JUST A 2nd – A couple of new scoops for you kids out East (although, more like stale Doritos... due to my holy blog break). Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, an ophthalmologist, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserve and Past President of the Iowa Medical Society officially announced she’s running for Congress. Second, Todd Versteegh has been tapped as campaign manager. Congrats to Todd on the new gig. It’s kind of fun to watch 2 great activists like Wes (with Teahen) and Todd go at it in the 2nd. Both great guys and best of luck to you gents.

I WANT MY MTV – Got an email from a MTV Choose or Lose Blogger Nathan Stienstra. He’ll be blogging about political and social issues in Iowa. I know MTV’s stuff leans left a lot… but dude… its MTV… (Sigh…) Remember when the just played videos? Anyhow, check it out.

WHAT’S EATING GORDON FISCHER? Apparently someone is per the Iowa Ear. I tell ya what. I read that post. I actually think everything he said was dead on. I agree with Uncle Ted on the issue, he shouldn’t have to apologize. Go with yer gut Gordon! Still think your original post was dead on. Nathan over at Battleground Iowa has some thoughts on it as well. Also, just added that blog on my “Stuff I Read.” Finally, Gordon’s stuff is always good as well.

MASS HYSTERIA – There’s all sorts craziness going around here. Not only do we have some pretty, actually really shady laws that may or may not vetoed by Big Lug, but what are we greeted with this morning?

Damn it… OK, as I’m getting ready for work… I hear thunder. I’m thinking, “Sweet, Spring weather. We’re finally turning that corner warm weather they keep promising.” Then, as I step outside to roll with the Hoopty to work… I get my first glance at this “snow-slush” crap that is on the ground. Naturally I murmured to myself… “Son of a b....” Seriously dudes, someone take Mother Nature and get her arse on Dr. Phil. She’s gots some issues.

Oh, as if things in the DSM are getting more goofy… the streets are getting more dangerous. No, there aren’t any gang wars on the rise. And nah, while the pot holes do suck… you’re still safe from them (or at least minimal danger). The buses. The freaking buses. That’s what you have to look out for. 3 people hit in 9 months?

Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that dogs and cats are living together.