MORE SCOOP, SAME CHAMBER – Speaking of ambitious, Gronstal’s gots himself an opponent now, Mark Brandenburg. He’s an adjunct prof at Iowa Western and a Union guy. From the release: “I grew up on the west end of Council Bluffs where my parents still reside; Council Bluffs is my home, and I deeply care about what direction and path we go down as a community. I know the deep-seeded values of this community; family, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, faith and helping your neighbor,” said Brandenburg.

Nice work. Sources close to QCI are telling me that recruiting is going very well in both chambers for Republicans. Personally, although I’m an eternal optimist, I think we Rs are gonna have good year. Want some proof? It’s the fact that guys like Mark are stepping up to face a very uphill battle over in Counciltucky. Have some stuff in the hopper from the other chamber, stay tuned.

JOIN ME FOR THE 1ST QCI BREAKFAST CLUB! Hey all you QCI-ders. Come out for green eggs and ham Monday morning at Flanagan’s, 7:00am. We’ll kick off St. Patrick’s Day on a good start (mine will be Diet Coke… um there’s that whole work thing dudes). A fun opportunity to talk a little shop and some good food. Flanny’s is located on the corner of MLK and Ingersoll. You won’t miss it, there will be a ginormous tent. See you there bright and early at 7:00am! Who knows, it may become one of those power broker Des Moines breakfast clubs you hear about… um, probably not. Hope to see you there!

EMAIL OF THE DAY – So I’m not gonna name names to protect the innocent (oh yea, just like Dragnet style)… but I got this email from a “friend” with the subject line reading “Dude, if I make it this far, this is what I want to do‏.” The body of the email only had this story.

7.2s – I’m actually getting some good reaction to the 7.2 Interviews and since I’m always up for trying something once (except for well… meth) I’m asking you guys and gals to come up with some names of folks you would like to see take the 7.2. Be creative. It can be anyone… Who would you like to see take the 7.2? And yes, if I could get George Brett, he would have already done it. Talk amongst yourselves…