Hey QCI-ders! Reporting from downtown Jewell, Iowa for tonight's Weekend Update. I'm working on few big posts... yea, it takes me that long to jot them down. Anyways, here's a huge portion of randomness to for you to read. Que the music!

COUNTY CONVENTIONS - You know what's wierd? Today is the first time in a longtime that I didn't go to a county convention. I opted for playing with my little niece Ainsley this morning. We were coloring... Ducks, tigers, bearcats and cows... it was a blast! But I know a lot of you folks where out there today. Got calls out to my peeps out there on how it went. And now I'm asking my loyal readers. What was the buzz? What did you hear? Any Drama? As always, got scoop? Email me.

STEVE KING ANOUNCEMENT - I'm starting to think 2 things... either we have very slow news days in Des Moines or our local tv folks like to blindly hype things that aren't gonna happen. That's what happened this week in Des Moines with Steve King's announcement that he will be running for re-election. I watched, half awake, on "Today in Iowa" on 13 that was talking about Steve King's special announcement this week. And I'm like, "Dude, what's he gonna do?" (Half awake mind you) Then one of my sources shot back at me later that morning when I got to the office... "He's only making stops in Sioux City and Counciltucky." Then the hack instinct of the force ame through... running for re-election aye?

Good for him. Steve King rocks. This isn't the right time to against Harkin. But there has been some buzz off and on that he's looking at Big Lug's seat. Glad he's in the saddle for Congress. Will he go afer Big Lug

BARKIN' AT HARKIN - Steve Rathje found himself a primary opponent this week, former State Representative George Eichhorn. Alright, I'm gonna ask for it. Can we have an American Gladiator challenge between these 2 at the RPI Lincoln Dinner? DK, I'd sponsor a table if this was so... I'm just sayin'.

JEWELL FEATURED - For those of you who know me best, I'm pretty Texan when it comes to my hometown of Jewell. This month, Jewell is featured in Iowan Magazine. While you will only get a fraction of the article online... in the print version, you will get a picture of the old town entrance sign I made in college. Here's part of the story... to check the rest, buy it on newsstands.

STATE BASKETBALL COMEDY - For those of you into the high school version of March Madness, you saw the pregame ad. But my sister in law Sarah got a bigger kick out of watching the 4A Championship game when it opened up it's broadcast with, "The Championship Game brought to you by... Teen Pregnancy, It's for Real!" Still laughing now.

MORE LOCAL TV COMEDY - Here in Central Iowa, it's the Variety Club telethon weekend. You know who is one of this year's hosts? HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously, this is the best telethon I've watched, ever. Whenever a new goal is reached... HOOOOOO! Friggin awesome! Seriously, listened to his interview this morning on "Takedown Wrestling" on KXNO. Great guy! Great interview! Trivia of the day, did you know Hacksaw was recruited by ISU in the 70s? And his tour guide in Ames was the legndary wrestler Chris Taylor? Again, it was a great interview and got to learn more about one of my favorite pro wrestlers... and how here you go! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!