OK, for this Weekend Update (start the music) live from Skankeny, we have the political version of selection Sunday… It’s petition filing day! You had to have them in 5:00pm. And like Christian Laettner to a clock with 3 seconds left, we gots ourselves some drama.

1ST DISTRICT BUZZ – Again, it’s on like Donkey Kong! Hartsutch is going after Braley. This is actually huge. First why was Braley going after Hartsutch in this article? Freshman mistake, aye? Is this when I start singing, “We were only freshman…”

BTW, he got enough signatures over the week at county convention. Which has to make those on Planet Braley… a little worried. Getting signatures really sucks. It takes forever. For Hartsutch to put this together this quick, is huge.

Again, why was Braley going after Hartsutch, when he wasn’t even announced. “We were only freshman…”

MOVIN’ ON UP – Speaking of the 2nd … Former Political Director for Mike Huckabee’s Iowa team, Wes Enos, has landed a gig in congressional politics. He is now serving as the campaign manager for Teahan. Congrats Wes! Known Wes for while, glad he landed into the jungle of Congressional campaigns. Go Wes go!

THE ROSS AND RACHEL OF STATE SENATE RACES – So get this. Per Dave Price… Courtney Greene isn’t running for State Senate against Pat Ward. She didn’t file. Oh well… the republic is safe and… again will cruise to victory and keep the momentum going for Rs in the Statehouse. Go Pat! I need you o do a 7.2!

THE QCI… BREAKFAST CLUBDu, Dah… Hey, hey, hey, HAY! …Ooooooo. Don’t you, forget about… the QCI Breakfast Club! Monday, March 17th @ 7:00am… at where everybody knows your name, Flanagan’s. Green eggs and ham for $3.17. Be there! To RSVP give me a ring or email grantyoung72@hotmail.com

A LITTLE CAR TALK – Which, BTW, Car Talk is totally my new favorite radio show… sorry Rome. Alright, the new Hoopty got a little work done… damn water pump. Oh well, it could be worse aye? One thing you will always get from me, when I like a product or a service… I will tell everyone I know… that service is Higgin’s Plaza Service on Douglas and Merle Hay. If you’re looking for small town mechanic service and truth… they will hook you up with quality service. When your Hoopty goes down or if you need an oil change, it’s solid. Ask for Nick and he’ll take care of you.