How about few more scoops of randomness with your meatloaf. Gravy? Or would you like it QCI style… because we’re straight butter today.

WARD VS. GREENE IS ON – Why am I following this story you ask? First, it was my first real scoop posted here that got a little attention (oh yea, I read my sitemeter… lots of Google searches) Second, this thing gets interesting because I’ve been corrected on this story twice (which gets annoying, because I want to get it right the first time). But I digress. According to a reliable source with witnesses… it’s on like Donkey Kong.

A solid source tells QCI that Greene is out collecting the necessary signatures to be on the June 3rd ballot. So what does this mean? A few things… the Dems are serious and ambitious about their majority. Ambitious? Yea, because the seat is a solid R district. Until we see some fundraising numbers, I’m gonna mark this seat “Lean Ward.” On the other hand… there’s the Tami Wiencek thingy. Greene gots some name ID from her days at WHO-TV 13. It’s officially the bell weather now. This entire cycle has been up and down… what happens in this seat will determine which party's wave is big or small.

BLASPHEMY… PURE BLASPHEMY – Christian “Crunch” Caruth has this photo of merchandise gone bad. At the Ames Wal-Mart (like most Wal-Marts) they order t-shirts and sweatshirts of local high schools. As Christian said, “I went to High School, um, where, again?” I suspect a Roland-Story grad placed the order. Damn Norskies... you just can't trust 'em! Do they have a purple and gold Roland-Stoned t-shirt? Damn you Norsemen!

First, it’s SOUTH HAMILTON, not South Hampton. Second, our colors are red and white officially (the red evolved into a more cardinal or maroon because of a couple of uniform order snafus) not green and white. They got the Hawk right, Hector is struttin’ with his South High pride. Per Christian, they got it fixed, “I mentioned something to one of the associates working who gave me the stare of death. About two weeks later they had the right shirts.” Way to stand up for your school Christian! Go Hawks! Makes me want to belt out the fight song.

SPEAKIN’ OF SOUTH HIGH – …had a good “Do you remember this song from high school?” session with a couple of co-workers the other day. Which song won the “Oh now you didn’t” award? Check this video out… “Girl you know it’s true!”