Here we go… Another Weekend Update for all of you QCI-ders on an over casted, seemingly warm afternoon. Isn’t supposed to rain today? Who knows I guess. This weekend’s version is a little less of the ebb and flow of political scoop and ranting. Even all things Jared Allen (I know, it’s a big stretch for me). Today we venture out in a few fun artsy things… and the randomness you can expect from the world’s crappyist blogger.

JOE HAS AN EYE FOR STUFF – Let me introduce you to a cool photog named Joe Crimmings. Many of you may Joe from the world of politics. He and his wife Libby were a part of the ONE campaign in Iowa. Joe has a real passion for the arts and sharing images from the lens of his camera. If you dig the artsy side of photography, you’ll absolutely dig his new photoblog. It’s pretty friggin sweet. I’m calling this “Must Read QCI Material”… it’s that good.

SPEAKING OF GOOD PICS AND POLITICS – I know I have plugged this site before. But if you want to check out what’s going on with Team Straight Talk… and some pretty good photo blogging, check out McCain Blogette. Meghan usually has a new post daily or at least every other day. Great inside view with the candidate and her friend Heather takes some pretty cool photos. A recent post has some pics with McCain and Romney on the trail.

A GOOD AND EDUCATIONAL WAY TO KILL TIME – Last weekend I spent the better half of Easter afternoon with my family roaming the halls and exhibits of the Iowa Historical Building. And it was a hella good time. Now, many of you have been to a reception or two in the State Historical Building, but have you totally check it out? Many of you Iowa natives probably got a field trip during grade school to go and explore our state’s great history. If the last time you visited was when you had to contemplate “Should I trade a Mike Greenwell rookie card for the entire Royals pitching staff (1985 world champs at the time, mind you).” Then you should hit it up soon. You history and political junkies can thank me later.

NEW QCI FEATURE COMING SOON – “Placemats and Crayons.” Many of you know I like to draw, create and build things… and in most cases… for completely no reason. Some may say I have too much time on my hands (see also Stanhope State University). I’d like to think, there needs to be more hours in the day for being creative and having fun. But what do I know…

“Placemats and Crayons” will be updates on whatever I’m working or other cool stuff I find along the way. Why “Placemats and Crayons” you ask? Ever since I can remember… my ma figured out that to keep me entertained, simply turn over the placemat and hand the kid a box of crayons. And I’ve been drawing and creating stuff ever since. Thanks Mom! Of course there will be a fancy, awesome, cool looking header as well. What would you expect? Real tomato ketchup Eddie? … nothing but the best.

SURPRISINGLY GOOD TUNES – I know, I know… I can hear at least one of my loyal readers yelling, “Dude, you are starting a new feature without even doing a Mix Tape feature yet!” Have a fun one almost done. Cool thing is, the new Hoopty’s tape player still works! WOOT!

Anyway, speaking of tunes, scoped out CD Warehouse yesterday and found 3 kick ass movie sound tracks. Love myself some movie soundtracks. Picked up Backdraft, Days of Thunder (f’n aye John Deere right I picked up Days of Thunder) and finally… The Cable Guy, for $2!!!! If you graduated from high school during the midsection of the ‘90s, you’d be down with The Cable Guy soundtrack. Anyways… here's a great clip to end this Weekend Update… That’s the news and I’m out of here….