Tonight! Tonight!

Alright alright! Today I complete my 33rd trip around the Sun. Pretty awesome. Thank you for all the tweets, texts, emails, call and all that stuff. Birthdays are epic.
Also, thank you all for pitching in for milk money. You people are freaking awesome.
OK... again, here's the deets for the shin dig. Tonight I age... and then we rage! Crank some tunes... then... score a gyro. I know, how cool ist that?!
What: G$ @ 33 for 33
When: TONIGHT - 6:00pm until whenever
Why: Have fun and help others by chipping in for 33 gallons of milk for those who really need it.
Where: Johnny’s Hall of Fame, Downtown Des Moines, 4th and Court


Next Thursday....

Loyal Readers,

Hope everything is going great! Next Thursday, September 30th, I will complete my 33rd trip around the Sun. For you people in Story City reading this, it means it's my 33rd birthday. (smirk)

In the past, along with great friends, we’ve held huge blow out bashes that were legendary. But we're all getting a little old now and are busy with other things that life brings along. It's all good, we're old… This is what happens.

Lately, I've spent a little time helping out at the Central Iowa Shelter. In the kitchen JD, the head cook, told me that one of the top items they need on a regular basis are simply gallons of milk. You know, for breakfast and to try to provide a basic balanced meal for those who can't provide for themselves.

Man, think about that. I know there are some there who stay there that are off to brand new jobs or job interviews the next day. Just trying to get their life back together. You may never know how much a bowl of Wheaties in the morning could make such a difference. So here's what I want to do for my 33rd time around the Sun. I want you all to join me to have a little fun with all of my favorite people... And help some folks out.

Here's the goal, last time I was at HyVee (proud sponsors of your Iowa Barnstormers) a gallon of 2% was going for $3.49. Since I'm going to be 33, I figure let's raise enough cash for 33 jugs of milk for the Central Iowa Shelter. That's about $120 when you round some things up.

Can we make a difference? You bet! All while having a good time? But of course.

So here's the deets...

What: G$ @ 33 for 33
When: Thursday, September 30 - 6:00pm until whenever
Why: Have fun and help others by chipping in for 33 gallons of milk for those who really need it.
Where: Johnny’s Hall of Fame, Downtown Des Moines, 4th and Court
RSVP to grantyoung72@hotmail.com

Thanks to a proud sponsor of your Iowa Barnstormers, Johnny’s Hall of Fame will have drink specials for those willing to pitch in on the milk money. See? We got you hooked up.

So keep next Thursday after work open, get a sitter… get the neighbor to let the dog out… reschedule that oil change… “shampoo your hair” another night and come on out. Feel free to forward this on to others I may have missed. The more the merrier.

See you then,



Palin and Irony... We have an app for that.

As promised... here's a little more from last Friday Night... plus other things going down...

MORE FROM THE DINNER - So it was all things Sarah Palin in the DeMo. Speech was... eh. Red meat stuff. Just what the doctor orders for these kinds of deals. Had one longtime activist/consultant try to tell me that it was Reagan-ish... and yes with a straight face. Listen it was a rally up the troops thing. Which is... what you do at these deals.
ALRIGHT, I CAN'T KEEP THIS IN - Really? So, she made some dig at Karl Rove again. Party unity! Oh... that's cool. While you were mayor of Where-is-it and shooting things... Rove was... you know, only orchestrating some of the most largest historic gains in our party's history... oh and ran a few of those... dang it... (scratching my head)... what do you call them? Successful campaign election thingers? Also, he has been to Iowa. Twice this year. Oh and one last thing... it's not just you, its just a pet peeve of mine.... unless you all are best sledding friends or something... It's President George W. Bush... Not "G.W."... but that's just the Sam Seaborn in me... my bad. Cool, your pal Christine O'Something won and all of your other superfriends won. A lot with your help. Good for you. But respectfully, to paraphrase Rove who said it best... The American people will elect liberals, the American people will elect conservatives. But the American people won't elect crazy.
WHO IS THIS ESTABLISHMENT YOU SPEAK OF - I get a kick out of this arguement we seem to have in the party from time to time. I mean, I get the basic premise... I know what you are saying. But you all know we elect most of our party leaders, right? So a lot of peeps were talking about this gal out in Delaware... (insert Wayne's World reference here). Lots of chatter about it on Friday. I even overheard... and let's just call this person a big big time "Iowa Party Boss" (if that's the term we're using now)... actually had the menards to say to a group of activists, "You know, these big wigs and others really should should stay out of primaries, let the people speak." Laugh-a-freaking-ble. Hello kettle, meet black... I think you two might really really hit it off. Awe yes... party politics can be a hoot.
HAWKEYES - Urgh... All I got on this is... The Iowa Hawkeyes are like that chick you have an on again off again thing going. They'll break your heart... but you know you'll be hooking up again next weekend. And... it seems so right.
CHIEEEEEEEEEEEEFS! Dudes! The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated! I know! It's awesome! (insert happy dance here)


"So and so... wow, she doesnt just fall off the wagon, she does a swan dive. old gal stumbles in around 12:30, takes a dump on the rug, and has no idea where the car is. good times? not so much."

Best is the first comment under this one from the said gal, "I found the car!" I swear I don't make these up.

IS THERE AN APP FOR IRONY? So Team TEB released a new ad that spoofs the Apple iPhone ads and to promote their new Phone application for the campaign. Clever and well done. The kids over on Fleur Drive snarked back with a little ditty of their own... here's a quick play by play on via Twittersburgh....

@iowademocrats - We're so excited for the new Branstad app that we cut our own commercial!

Followed up with a...

@iowademocrats - To Firefox and IE users trying to view the ad, we fixed that whole "must scroll way down to see anything" problem.

Again, as I said I'm no techie... but it looks like there is an app for irony.

AND FINALLY... Don't judge me on today's tune... but on my way back from hanging with the coolest little kids I know (Ainsley and Harrison)... I was listening to Cousin Brucie on 60s on 6. (So freaking good) Anyways... as you may know, Cousin Brucie was in the movie Dirty Dancing. He had they guy who wrote the soundtrack and scores for the flick. Good stuff... so... anyways... for today's song... you many wanna dance to it. Stay thirsty my friends.


And that's it....

They're bussing the tables here in HyVee Hall... Button dudes are out slinging their stuff... campaign kids are getting out signs and other stuff... So here's kind of a wrap up thinger.

PALIN NIGHT - This was a big night for her. Lots of expectations and such. I think she did... alright. The only big thing for her tonight, in my opinion, is that she was here. Nothing was a real game changer until she starts spending more time.

There was no game changer tonight... not that there had to be.

GOOD SHOW - Big shout outs to all staff and volunteers who put this event together. Well done and we are out of here before 9? #goojoboutofyou

THANKS - Hear's a shout out to all you loyal readers. Thanks for saying hello and all that stuff.

Oh... don't think I'm done with this thing... I still got more notes... but I'm still gathering up stuff. You people are a little chatty tonight.... more tomorrow.

See you at Flanagans....

Stay thirsty my friends.

More Reagan Dinner Stuff....

Alright... twitters are blowing up... Palin is speaking.... so this is Live Blogg... ish?

I think I'll just live tweet it and call it close. I can't type well... So here.... check it out on the right side of the blog or hit me up the Twitters....

Will post some notes here tonight... so no need to start crying. Cool? K, awesome.

Reagan Dinner Update #3

Alright... finally getting back to Bloggers row... After making the rounds... Here's what we have...

TWEET TWEEEEEEEET - Having some fun here tonight. Twitters are blowing up at the event.

PIZZA? ANYONE? Dudes.... can you help a brotha out? Timmy is wasting away out here. Pepperoni, mushrooms... and thin crust. HyVee Hall. C'mon son!

SPEAKING OF TWEETERSBURGH - Listen I loves me some snark once in a while.... and maybe because I'm proud partisan... but anyone notice that the official Tweets out of Fleur Drive are always snarky, smug and well... a little pissy as of late? Hmmm... anyone else wann keep debate polls?

More coming.... Hang tight

Reagan Dinner Update #2

Alright.... it's starting to get a little packed in here.

Just about an hour until we get start the show. Here's a few things for you all that I got...

PEEPS AND PEEPS AND MORE PEEPS - Dang man. Lots of people. This is gonna be a big crowd. Lots of people.

PIZZA RUN - Hey, can someone get a pizza here. Our boy Timmy is hungry and running hard. Pepperoni and mushroom... thin crust. Send it HyVee Hall over at the Nerdary... ERRRR Bloggers row :). Awesome thanks in advance.

CHEERS - Peeps are hooting and hollering in the lobby once in a while. Not sure if its Joni Scotter firing up the peeps or what ever it is. Also, got my Joni hug in. It's officially a RPI event.

SHOUT OUTS - Hey man... Mark Vonderohe is in the house. He made a ton of call this week... enought to score some awesome seats. He and many others are putting in some time making sure we are running full bore. (sp) #goodjoboutofyou Mark and all the other great activists are are getting it done son!

More to come....

Awesomenesss..... stay thirsty.

RR Dinner 2010 Update #1

Alright first post. We are live at the 2010 Reagan Dinner. And here is what we have right now...

ENERGY - Wow dudes... there is a buzz tonight. Lots of people and they are fired up.

CONLIN IS PELOSI - A fella, donor type just dropped by bloggers row and said, we gotta start spinning that ole Roxanne is Iowa's as Nancy Pelosi... Ok... will try... But she has ZERO chance so we can move on with stuff now.

VOLS AND STAFF - I gotta tell ya... haven't seen this many vols used for an RPI event.... to me this spells that we're gonna have a big crowd.

TIMMY ALBRECHT IN THA HIZZY - He just dropped by bloggers row... always good stuff.

More to come... Everyone hang loose.

Stay thirsty...

Vroom Vroom!

Well well... here we are. Reagan Dinner Day and if you aren't here tonight... keep clicking here. We got you covered. if you come to the thinger? Stop on by and say hey... Should be a good night of mulitple posts... scoop and other things that may not be interesting at all. Some of the things we'll be chatting up...

PALIN'S BIGGER DAY - Since we talked last, I said the most understated thing in a while... this is a huge day for Sarah Palin. If you sifted through all the news and buzz on this trip... a few things jump out....

1. Eric Woolson knocked it out of the park with this John Glenn 1984 quote.
2. All signs are pointing to a run
3. If you want to win Iowa, you have to play here... we're not much for flirts... you're going to have to ask us out.

Tons of media types gonna be in the house tonight... CSPAN covering it live... dudes... get your popcorn popped... ice down that 12er of Milwaukee's Best Light... Political Dorks of the World unite!

DEMINT 2012 - As in South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint... So this stuff is finally starting to surface. Been hearing that he was being courted... quietly. From what I have been told, the Tea folk dig him better than Palin... just on the substance side of things. And the interesting bit of the day... Bob Vander Plaats is hitting up his staff to come to Iowa. Which just blows up a whole bunch of theories... speaking of 2012.

IS THAT C-RAIG? Dudes.... I know you loves yesterday's video. But as a couple of loyal readers pointed out... is that the founder and editor in chief of The Iowa Republican in the first 10 seconds of the video of awesome? Hmmmm.... New feature? QCI Investigates... and another reason to post the video again... you be the judge.

Vroom vroom party starter! See you all in a while...


QCI's The Main Event LIVE: 2010 Reagan Dinner

Hey there, ho there, hi there.

You're favorite (smirk) blog for all things politics and junior high humor is gonna be covering the 2010 Reagan Dinner... Press Pass suckas!!!

I've said this before, I love these events. Seeing old friends and getting the low down... it's awesome.

Here's a few things I'm looking at tomorrow.

PALIN'S BIG STEP - Yeah, this is a big step for her. There has been a lot of interesting reads on this. Go over to the Bean Walker and check the article from the Daily Beast. It will be interesting to see the reaction... the expectations... this whole O'Donnell thing.... her new feud with Karl Rove. This is an important stop.
FIRED UP - Hearing all sorts of stories from the field. The Party is pumped... and don't let any snarky Tweets from the otherside tell you different. We gotta come up with some sort of gauge for this... you know like they do with sound and stuff... It's be like "Instant Replay" for political pundits.
STOP AND SAY HELLO - Dudes, stop over and say hey. Wanna hear your takes. Your stories... what you're hearing. I'll post it up here. How about that?! You can be famous to the 10 people who read this! (Hi Grandma!)
WILL THE BUCKET BE BACK - May have to bust out the ole QCI Cheese Ball Question Bucket.... you got some questions to be asked? Email em to grantyoung72@hotmail.com or use and abuse the comment section provided (at no cost to you) at the bottom of this post... because I'm good like that. I'm a hugger and a giver.
TWEET TWEET FREAKING TWEET!!!! If you are super cool and lurk in the land of Twittersburgh, follow me up. Will be live tweets and such. you can lick on this link here. If you digs it, holler back with some Retweetage.

Oh and another cool thing for you all...

OFFICIAL (ISH) POST REAGAN DINNER BASH - After the Shin Dig... how about we continue the awesome, eh? Oh yeah... at the somewhat World Famous Flanagan's... on MLK and Ingersoll. Come chat it up... your post game thoughts and all that stuff... also, you could even buy me an ice cold Miller Lite! How cool would that be? I know, super aweso... nah, epic.

AND FINALLY... Get your groove going a bit... I say this often... but I'm as serious as a dry keg 4 hours before kickoff... do yourself and favor... crank this up and dance sucka, DANCE! See you you all at the thinger and always... always stay thirsty my friends....


Weekend Update

Oh look I busted out the ole header... (one of my favorites)... Let's do this... que the music...

We are now officially in Epic Fall... The Hawkeyes putting a Hayden Fry whooping on Saturday and the NFL has started. Pardon me for the smile from ear to ear. Also... are you ready for a for a big week politically? Holy smokes. Let's do a random rundown.

HARKIN STEAK FRY - We start the week with Harkin's annual shindig. Axelrod and some other dude were talking today. But the news out of Indianola is... Culver/Judge aren't sorry at all for their record. I think. Earlier we were told by Governor Culver that he has made mistakes... and we were spinned this apology thing all week. Now... Patty Judge just said, "I make no apologies for our record." Really?
SPEAKING OF THEIR AD - So... the thing is called "Give Us A Chance" or something like that. Hmmm.... Imma gonna go Philly 2000 style on you Governor Culver... "You had your chance, you did not lead, we will." Also Gov, not sure I wanna remind voters that you "grown with the job" when your opponent is... you know... a guy who... ya know... did it for 16 years...
CULVER COMEBACK? Yeah right... If you read the DMR this morning they are ready waiting and hoping to write this story. The "turning point for Culver" they are saying. Child please. When he let the Branstad campaign go the entire summer going unanswered. That's where he lost this. Plus... he's gonna win on stem cells? Really? you know you're in trouble when you touting issues that basically shore up you base... doing this after Labor Day seems right... um, no it doesn't.
SENSITIVE MUCH - So I'm a little late to the party on this one... but after the "Big Bad Debt" ad... Culver's first thing is to challenge TEB for a triathlon? Really? Listen, I'm not even one f the types who say they whole "Chet is fat" bit. It doesn nothing for the debate... and it's stupid. Just ask Gov Christie about it when he's here soon. But the thing that got me... is that was the first thing Team Culver went with... what's next? Claiming there's floating crosses in TEB's ads? Arm wrestling matches? Alright... if we're gonna go with this... and this is what the campaign is really about.... I'm challenging Governor Culver to a grilled cheese eating contest. Because that's what the folks in the unemployment line in this state really want... oh wait.
DEBATE - So... the expectation game is building... I mentioned the DMR thing already... this is gonna be high noon for Culver... if he even had one left. From emails forwarded to QCI HQ points to all signs they're going all out to pack the place.
PALIN IN TOWN - Iowa becomes a part of the circus again... with Sarah Palin coming for the Reagan Dinner. Lots of national types will be coming to cover this one. Of course... we'l be there to take in the things... can you say Live Tweet? Oh yeah. Should be epic.

AND FINALLY... I got more coming this week. Until then... here's a happy little catchy tune. Stay thirsty my friends.


Eggs, Trains, Hawks and Law Nuts

Long time no talk.

I know, when I don't post, puppies die. It's a lot of pressure. Just kidding, nothing really has been trippping my trigger to post... you know... when it's not being said by the others in the LBC.

Anyways... here's a random round out of things... that tripped the trigger.

BAD EGGS - Alright, dudes, I love eggs. They are so awesome. But no dirt bag freaking farmer from Wright errrr DeCoster County is gonna stop me from eating them. Also... anyone see that the Sierra Club wants an investigation on these farms now? What?! You don't say. Hey Sierra Club... good to see you're wearing acid wash jeans... because you're a little behind. Sierra Club, congrats you #fail. Oh and Uncle Clint, don't eat all of the deviled eggs. OK, good.
RIDE THAT CHOO CHOO, WOO WOO - OK... so I see that the powers that be in the DeMo are pushing the train thang. Is it me or is everyone in the economic developement community are slobbering over trains? And why? Really? I'm still waiting for my flying car. All this talk is giving me flashbacks of the Springfield Monorail episode on the Simpsons. Sigh...
LAW STUDENTS AND GRADS FREAK OUT - Alright... so the whole judge thing brought Sandra Day O'Connor to the DeMo... and if you take a quick skim of the Book of Faces... the Law School types are so hyped (+1), they need to change their shorts. Stickyish? Part of me says... BFD. But then upon further review... I might react the same way if Lars Ulrich showed up to speak at Darrell Kearney's Breakfast Club... so... maybe I kinda get it. Heavy on the kinda.


"So and so... Breakfast Club was at I-Hop this morning. I had the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity. Big mistake. Now i have Assy Gassy Stained and Nasty".

I will not have what that dude is having...

IOWA CITY CRACK DOWN - Alright... so the U of I is cracking down on drinking... tailgating and all that stuff that comes along with Hawkeye Football. Now, we all know the every game is sold out this season... they are making some coin on Hawk Fever. But here's a little cautionary tip to the University of Iowa and its athletic department. OK, so I get it... you hate the reputation of being a party school. That's fine. Create all the tailgating rules you want. Remember... all things are cyclical... and someday (and it pains me to say this)... the Hawkeyes will suck again. And its gonna be tough to sell those tickets. Don't try to take out all of the fun that comes with gameday when there won't be anything else to cheer about. I'm just saying.
SPEAKING OF IOWA GAMEDAY - So DesMoinesDem over at Bleeding Heartland tried to make some really freaking lame dig at our boy and loyal reader over the weekend in Twittersburgh. It was one of the most #epicfails in a while... nah, history. Seriously... this is what I don't get about you people... who the hell is watching anything else than football on weekends in the Fall? Who cares what else is going on in the world when Ricky Stanzi is laying on the ground injured? You people are heartless! Also, thumbs up to the U of I Student section for chanting USA when The Manzi marched back on the field. Love it or leave it.
MORE IOWA GAMEDAY - I've said it once... and I'm sure I'll be saying it again. Do not ask me to do anything on Iowa/Iowa State weekend... or anyone else for that matter. "Not everyone watches the game Grant." Child please. It's our state's Super Bowl. And if you still don't believe me... good luck trying to get attention for anything that day. C'mon son!
MORE HAWKEYE FOOTBALL - So the Big Ten announced the new divisions for 2011... and they now have the "rival game" on each school's schedule. Purdue? Really? I'm going to have shirts made next year that reads, "Um, I guess... I really really really freaking hate Purdue." But here's the real question. How can the Big Ten have "mandatory rival games" when just about every week in the Big Ten is a rivalry? Again, I'm just saying.
SPEAKING OF MORE EPIC FAILS - Leonard Boswell's campaign is on life support. Question is when will the DCCC pull the plug? Can't wait for Election Day on this one. When Zaun wins, I'll bet 50 bucks Leonard doesn't call to concede. Why do I say that? Because that's about as classless as the IDP YouTube put up for this race. I get that a hit is a hit... but if this is all you got... all I'm saying is... I look forward to hearing "Congressman Brad Zaun" used in sentences.

AND FINALLY... Just chill... until the next episode. Stay thirsty my friends.