What's up with the whats up?

Oh yeah... it's that time of year... Opening tip of the NCAAs... And the UNLV pic? No I am not taunting my many UNI friends... It's just anytime I think of the tournament... for some reason that 1990 team comes to mind. That and I think a UNLV shirt was standard issue for dudes at South High in the early 90s.

It's been a while... so let's get to it.

SAINT WHAT'S HIS NAME DAY - Oh yeah, it was St. Patrick's Day... or as I call it, "Tim jacks up the prices and puts up a tent Day" (just kidding Flanagan)... I think I may ask this every year... but what's with the green hair? Seriously? It just seems... not right. Now... if your team or school has green for its colors... yeah... do it up super fan. But green beards? Hair? For March 17th? It's just not right. Anyways good to see the peeps in the DeMo out and about. Awesome weather.
TWEET TWEET CONTEST - OK... so I held my first ever Twitter contest last night while celebrating the very very small ounce of Irish in my mutt heritage. Not bad. Look for more to come... you in? Then follow me on Twitter.... it's on the internets. Congrats to the winners! Props to my Tweeps livin' the Twug Life.
HEALTH CARE - Yeah... anyone sick of hearing about it yet? Sorry for being insensitive about an important issue (yes I mean this in the best way)... remember... my attention span... doesn't really exist. We all know when the government gets involved... good things happen, right? Sigh... I'm just sick of the debate... Also... knock it off with the manufactured outrage. I know I'm talking to a small percentage of you... but... Just. Stop. It's a little annoying and people will take you less seriously.


"So and so... Dear Guinness, Thanks for the great time last night, um, I think?! You know I love you, but this is exactly why we can only hang out a few times a year! Love, So and So."

Not sure which is more humorous... the status itself or the fact that this person writes love letters to their beer. Actually... what a novel idea. Dearest Milwaukee's Best Light...

LOUIE D'S - Good Lawd I can't get these sandwiches out of my head. Now, some of you with Philly street cred have been questioning me on Louie D's. "Good cheese steaks in Des Moines? Come on G$, surely you jest." I completely understand. That would be like someone in Philly telling me, "We have great sweet corn." But I'm telling you. They are freaking good.
DO I TURN OFF THE COMMENTS? Not that its getting all vintage Krusty days in the comments part of this site... but, lately I've been getting spammed... that and some really really stupid overseas college students are citing my blog in their term papers... Basically... it clogs up my inbox. It's your call QCI-ders... let me know what you think. I'll take votes from now until Saturday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA - Since she's one of the 5 people who actually read QCI... I would like to take a minute and wish my Grandma Kate Uthe a very happy 79 times around the Sun. My Grandma Uthe is probably where most of my sense of humor comes from. She is so awesome and one of the funniest ladies I know. Here's to you Grandma. I loves ya and will see you tonight at the Broiler.

AND FINALLY... In honor of my Grandma's birthday... how about a little Frank? She let me borrow her Sinatra tape when I younger... This song reminds me of our epic phone calls... Stay thirsty friends.