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Top Ten Reasons Why Working in Politics is an Excellent First Job out of College:

1. Phone banking skills transition well into any position.
“No, boss, I don’t mind calling all 250 attendees to our event tomorrow to let them know it’s been cancelled due to the weather.”
2. Gaining a high tolerance for “working late”
Sorry, we’re going to need you to stay late…probably until about 7:00 PM…”
3. Your perception of getting tasked with horrible jobs is skewed.
“Could be worse. I could be door-knocking in Worth County in 99 degrees with 85% humidity.”
4. You will build business and personal relationships that stand the test of fire and last a lifetime.
The folks I have met in politics are still some of my best friends and best references.
5. Hey, a picture of a young, ingenuous version of you shaking the president’s hand looks good in any office.
“Oh, that? Yeah, that’s me and 43. Just hangin’.”
6. Even if all your future jobs totally suck, your parents can always say, “At least you don’t work in politics anymore!”
“You know, Jenny, I just really don’t know about that new job picking up road kill on the highway, but at least you don’t work in politics anymore!”
7. You may never again get the chance to live in Washington, DC (in a two-bedroom apartment with four other roommates).
Not as glamorous as those kids on MTV make it seem, but still pretty epic.
8. Politicos do “young, fabulous, and broke” really well.
“Next time you go to a reception with free food and booze, you GOTTA call me!”
9. Your work ethic will always be greater than your colleagues.
“Have you recruited 100 people to attend the insurance training next Saturday? No? Then why are you taking a bathroom break?”
10. Opportunity of a lifetime.
Opportunity. Of. A. Lifetime.