Conventions, God's Country and Support the Arts... No Really, Support the Arts...

Hey there QCI-ders... well, long time no talk. Lo siento... but hey... there's all sorts of things going on. So in the words of my little niece Ainsley, "Let's do this!"

COUNTY CONVENTIONS - Hit up the Polk County Convention on Saturday. Good stuff... a long day... but you'll get that in a county responsible for 10% of the vote. The vibe I got the entire day... is peeps are fired up. I mean... not like cocky... but just a good vibe. And yes... I think I stayed for an entire platform discussion. Was actually fun... I'm serious. Anyways... on to Grinnell.

GOD'S COUNTRY SHOUT OUTS - You know what I love? When peeps make a point to tell me, "G$ drove thought Jewell the other day." Or... "Dude, made a pass by Stanhope this weekend." See I told you God's Country, Iowa is epic. But next time? Stop and spend some commerce. What keeps God's Country epic? You spending money there... that's how. For real, tex Mex me up or call me if you need to know the hot spots. I'll be your God's Country Huckleberry.


"So and so... It turns out I like cheese more than the idea of being skinny...."

The great about cheese is that you can put it on anything. Epic.

THE OSCARS AND THE ARTS - Now... I tuned in late to the Oscars... luckily just in time to see the John Hughes tribute. Then... of course... just kept watching. But something kind of struck a chord with me... Can't remember who said it... but it was a line... "Being creative isn't a waste of time." It was a shout out to all of the kids at home who have similar dreams of those who recieved awards that evening. Thankfully, I was blessed with parents... and a school system who valued and encouraged kids to get involved with the arts. There would be no G$ as you know it, if it weren't for arts in education.

Now before you all start sending me hate mail... hear me out. I support the arts and I support the arts in schools. All of the local press about what's going on here in Des Moines aside... I have always thought this and I'm a product of it. It's important. This is when most of my friends start telling me... oh you're just buying into the liberal lefty Hollywood types. Nah... its important. Everyone wants to talk about our culture... culture wars... and all that stuff... but if you take the arts out... we won't have any culture. From the begining of time the arts are a sign of the times... a record of history. Now, I know budgets are tight... and everything now is an arguement to be cut or called a waste of money... And I'm not sure how you would do it... but I do know this... it's a slippery slope...

Just think about it... the next time you crank up an epic tune in your car... the next time you are moved to tears by a movie... or scored a painting that goes perfect with the furnature for the living room of your new town house... Nine times out of ten, the people who created it... were inspired and got their start by having the arts in education.

This may be a thing we all may agree to disagree on... but... the next time one of these things happen... just remember.

AND FINALLY... Now that I'm off of my little scatter brained soap box... Let's try to sell 10 copies of the Beta Band EP...