Jamaican Me Crazy...

Today's random picture goes out to one of our very loyal readers, Suh-leeb. Hahahahaha! What a weekend QCI-ders.

Lots of weekend thingers... In the words of my niece Ainsley, "Let's do this!"
THE MADNESS - Yea man. Holy smokes. Great games... but I would be remissed if I didn't mention the UNI game. Wow. Now, I'm not bandwagon jumper... but not a UNI hater... that win was bigger to the athletic department than any of the football national title games. Yes, I just said that.
DUKE FLAVORED HATERAIDE - If you follow the tweets... you'd find out that I root for Duke in basketball... you know... when the Hawks suck. Thus... enormous amounts of Hateraide. For real ask Sealine he'll tell ya I've rooted for Duke.
HEALTH CARE PASSAGE - Yea... I could go on and on... but... I'm just gonna focus on winning in the Fall. So my advice? Instead of foaming at the mouth... yelling names or slurs... prepare yourselves. Get involved. Get organized. Be a part of repealing this law and replace these people with leaders who'll fix it. "Oh well Grant, I don't volunteer or do that kind of thing. I just listen to Rush and Glenn Beck." If that is your answer, we're done. Everyone can be a part of this... so my next challenge is... you are either in or out... right now.


"So and so... just got 'ma'am'd by a page....ouch"

Thems kids up at the Capitol... they gots some good manners I guess.

POTUS BACK IN IOWA - So the President is back on Thursday. He's going to the Fieldhouse in Iowa City. You know, it's kind of funny... that's where I would usually end up on a Thursday when I went to the U of I... Dude... I wonder if it's his birthday... or has a buddy who has a birthday... He could score 25 pitchers for $25... that would be an epic Presidential visit... Oh wait... not the same Fieldhouse.
EPIC T-SHIRTS? OK... So we've been bouncing the idea around here at QCI HQ... Who's in for Epic QCI T-shirts? You know... it's a cool way to show that you read a really crappy blog when you're out amongst the public types... how cool would that be? Email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com if you're interested in one... will post some of the designs soon... I think they are kind of epic. Almost like the Foo Fighters' first t-shirts... but more awesome and funny in a goofy smart 4th grader type of way.

AND FINALLY... You know it's gonna be an awesome weather week here in the DeMo.... which means... probably patio time? Hmmm... not sure about that. But nice weather always and spring on the horizon always makes me think of the Gipsy Kings. Such a good groove to chill to. A special thanks to the dude who left his Gipsy Kings CD in the Yukon I had rented while at the Florida Recount... anyways... love this song... here's a bunch of dudes just chillin in the kitchen... jammin some Gipsy Kings... Stay thirsty...