Blogger Birthday Wishes...

Alright. Today's post a my little tribute to the two king pin website/blogs going on in the LBC.

A year ago this week... the Bean Walker and the Iowa Republican hit scene... it was a week that changed the Iowa Rightosphere... and the LBC for ever.

First was the B Dub whose Drudge-ish looks and style became an instant sensation. It has become the must check site in Iowa and in most political circles. Started off by Timmy Albrecht... then once he took a new gig, handed the editing to Bill Schickel to keep the integrity of the site.

Big hit then... big hit now... a must read.

Then the TIR came out. Headed up by Craig Robinson. I refer his site as the New York Yankees of the Iowa Blogs. Meaning... he has some hitters on his team. From Krusty to Battleground and many new names... It is the site that everyone "in the know" reads.

The cool thing about both of these sites... is that I've known both of these guys for a long time. Both were key whips for me back in the College Republican days... (yeah, I just made us feel really old fellas). Glad to see all of their successes.

So here's to you Bean Walker and Iowa GOPer... And you know what you get for your 1 year birthdays? The Boehner Birthday song. Cheers!