Epic Notebooks, Health Care, Rally It Up... with a Side of Hall & Oates

I have explained before how my brain moves to fast. You know, I'll be just chillin' at my crib... then all of a sudden... BLAM... an epic thought will come to mind. Thus sparks another epic idea... and so on and so on... this is where my brain looks like a dog chasing its tail.

It's weird... but it could be worse I guess.

That's where Moleskines save my life... something epic happens... I jot it down. For real... its pretty fun. Shouldn't everyone keep a journal of epic? Methinks so too.

Side note... Moleskine notebooks are the best ever. OK... here we go...

WHISKEY RIVER - Alright... for all you Ames/Iowa Stater peeps out there, you know about Whiskey River on Main. It's one of my cousins' hangouts and great low key joint to chill with some pals. Anyways... I was thinking about the Health Care debate yesterday... when for some reason I thought about the poster that hangs on the wall by the pool table. It's has Uncle Sam pointing... with the slogan, "WHISKEY RIVER: CHEATING THE OTHER GUY AND PASSING THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU." I don't know why... but it made me think about this debate and/or anytime something gets done in Washington.
SCHEDULES - Alright QCI-ders... just want to hear your thoughts on this... and maybe it just happens to me... But what's with weekends, plans and schedules lately? I mean, I'll have a weekend or a week night where there's much to do about nothing... then have a weekend that is completely slammed... almost to the point where I need a staffer to keep me on schedule... Anyone have that happen to them recently? Again, maybe it's just me and another day in the bizarre humorous life I lead.


"So and so... is eating fried balls of heavenly cheese. Made the day soooo much better."

FACT: Cheese balls make everyday better. Anyone who says otherwise, hates freedom.

EFFING HEALTH CARE - Yeah... so the President signed the Health Care thinger into law. But what are peeps chirping about? The Veep and an F bomb. Not sure really what I think of that... It's hilarious to me... I mean... I think Luke Russert said it best today, political types really do have the same mouths as sailors. It's the truth. While you really shouldn't use that language anywhere... you might wanna... you know... use better language on a national press conference... not so say... I've never let a few slip here and there...
RALLY IT UP IN IOWA CITY - Via the crew over at 621 East 9th... Tomorrow... Wednesday, March 24... Join RPI for the Stand Up 4 Freedom Rally. 6:00pm at the Pentacrest (for you non Iowa City/U of Iers... that would be in front of the Old Capitol downtown). For all the deets and how you can help... CLICK HERE. #goodjoboutofyou to the peeps at 621 East 9th for having the stones to roll where it isn't such a friendly territory. It'd be like the Ds holding something in Sioux County. Like that's ever gonna happen... Who's all going? Think about it... Rally it up for freedom, check. A get a chance to score wings at the Vine, epic check. It's a win win people!

AND FINALLY... Sounds like the peeps are thinking... I can't go for that... when it comes to all of this "political" stuff... Hall and Oates has always put things in ways that I can understand them.