Hoops... The Twitters... And Super Liz....

What it be QCI-ders? What it is... that's what. Yeah... sorry for the lack of updates... it's that time of year for me... and I've been really pushing myself to get good chunks of the epic book done.

Seriously... I've been a busy little bear. But... just because I'm busy, that doesn't mean I should punish the 4-6 people who actually read this. Sorry I apologize... it's kind of cruel to do so.

Anyway.... here's a quick random thinger to keep your fix going...

HOOPS - March Madness has taken over the QCI HQ. Yes, the arcade hoops are going... late night upset watching... oh yeah. We're kind of obsessed.
IOWA GOTS THEM A COACH - For real... I'm digging the new hire in Iowa City. I know there are a hundred of Hawkeye Basketball hack expert wannabes out there who want to poo poo on Fran McCaffery. But I dig it. Mostly because of the style and where he last coached. Look for him to bring these big time East Coast type recruits to the Peoples Republic of Johnson County. You heard it here first.
MOANING AND GROANING - Yeah... I heard everyone was wanting BJ Armstrong. What? Child pleeze. Get over yourselves. If you're going that route... why not Acie Earl... he could win the Big Ten with just his haircut... AND the fact that he has more coaching experience than the former babyfaced Chicago Bull. Seriously he coaches the freshmen at Solon... which is more coaching than BJ has ever done.


"So and so... What is it about dentists that they think because they give you a little novacaine that gives them permission to beat the hell out of your mouth?"

Funny... that sounds like a blind date I had in college. Wait a minute... I really need to stop writing out loud... SMH...

PRIMARIES - Did I ever state for the record that I'm not endorsing anyone in the primaries? Not that my endorsement even matters... But yeah... call it my little way of keeping whatever integrity that is left on this waste of time. But I'll give you advise when wanted. Just pick up the phone... and ya call me.
TWEET TWEET - OK... QCI Tweeps are epic. They really are. Thanks for following. Seriously... I got interupted at dinner (again) by the QCI tweeters. "Are you G$? @grantyoung72?" Why yes, yes I am. Does this mean I have to carry a Sharpie with me from now on? Is it really worth ruining your favorite hat for G$ autograph? It must be. That thing will be worth at least two 1989 Topps George Brett cards and a 12er of Milwaukee's Best Light say in... 20 years from now. Thanks for all the love... and feel free to say hi... and no, you aren't bothering me.
WAY TO GO LIZ - Special QCI shout out to one of our ole U of I pals and favorite celeb stalker Super Liz Crokin. She's been in the celeb gossip racket for a while now and has landed a full time gig with Us Weekly out in LA. #goodjoboutof you Super Liz! Looking forward to reading your new articles! Also... Marisa and Liz in the same city?! At all times?!! Look out LA... I'd up that earthquake insurance... stat. Again, way to go Super Liz best of luck! (and while you're asking QCI-ders... yes conversations between me and Super Liz always end in exclamation marks!)

AND FINALLY... Feelin' a good groove today. Here's a tune that always makes me smile... and makes you tap your shoes. Crank it up and stay thirsty friends.