Dubuque Night, Epic... And Iowa Irony...

Hey there, ho there, hi there. Get this... I can see the frigging grass now. Holy smokes. Who would have ever thought we'd see it again... and I'm serious... I thought we would just have snow... all the time.

Anyways... Having a bit of an "old home" week. I'll explain here in a bit... its all a part of the bizarre humorous life I lead. Seriously... there are days I wish the hidden camera guy or Ashton Kutcher would jump out of the bushes and say... "Yeah, you've been punked."

On to the randomnous...

DUBUQUE NIGHT - How did I work in politics and never attend the famous Dubuque Night? Anyways, special thanks to a loyal reader who hooked me up. Good event and met a lot of you loyal readers out there. And #goodjoboutofyou for the fist bumps with followed up with a "G$, #goodjoboutofyou." It's kind of funny that now its going mainstream. Anyways... you get a chance to hit Dubuque Night... you should go... The freaking brats there were off the chain. And shout out to our boy Steve Lukan! Epic.
GOD'S COUNTRY NIGHT - Alright... while attending the event... I came up with an epic idea. How about a God's Country Night? Yeah... I think I'm gonna do it. I just need to find suitable garage here in the DeMo that is up to God's Country Garage standards. Then invite all the peeps... if you find a suitable garage with good tunes in the DeMo... Tex Mex the deets.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - Just a random thought... but now I like to say my yeses with extra S's. Try it out... it's really cool... and fun. Yesssssssssss! See? Told you.


"So and so... So my wife is apparently selling foreign pharmaceuticals as a side job...Or at least that it what the person using her hotmail account wants us to think. I am hoping this situation somehow leads me to an unclaimed fortune somewhere in Nigeria."

Yeah... there's been a lot of that going around. Also... who knew there were so many millionaires?
THE ARTS - Looks like I struck a chord with some of you the other day. Thanks for all of the emails. It needs to stay in education... of course its easy to say that and not have to figure out a budget that reflects that... Come on peeps... If we can park a golf cart on Mars... we can find a way to keep this in schools. Work the problem people.
EPIC CONVERSATIONS - So I mentioned that it's been "old home" week... Meaning... that I've ran into or had epic conversations with peeps from back home. It's been so random... but awesome. Which proves my theory... the World does revolve around Southern Hamilton County... ERR God's Country, Iowa.

OUTRAGE, FOOD, HEALTHCARE AND IOWA - If you watch the news and follow watch going on up at the Capitol... You find that some things do come full circle. Take the insurance buzz lately... where companies are making hikes in their rates. When the heads were questioned in hearings... They said... "Listen, it costs more to insure Iowans... um, because... we're fat." OK, not the exact quote... but you get what I'm sayin... and it makes sense to me. I'll be the first to admit it. So this goes on... yadda yadda yadda... Some outrage... and then peeps stepped in.

And before you send your hate mail... yes I am over simplifying this...

But hear me out...

This wouldn't be something I would normally chirp about unless... there was some good ole Iowa Irony involved. So what's the next issue that got outrage from the masses? Enter Taylor's Maid Rite in Marshalltown. The State Inspectors want them to change their cooker... Taylor's says we can't... we may have to close... then more outrage... Legislature steps in... makes special laws for Taylor's... There's a rally held in Marshalltown in support of of the joint... Facebook groups created... dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria...

Moral of this little exercise... Only in Iowa would we have some buzz about healthcare rates... but completely FREAK OUT if we close a joint that sells loose meat sandwiches.

And I'm completely cool with that.

Anyways... How about some classic Pearl Jam? OK. Stay thirsty...