Where is POTUS? And big fat whats?

This is QCI's 500th post. Holy smokes. Losts of stuff to get at. 8 days to go. It might just be a week of mulitiple posts. Let's get to it.

WHAT ABOUT BARACK? Uh-member when POTUS was in town at your typical Des Moines backyard (heavy smirk)? Yeah... so Chet Culver kept telling everyone... and let me paraphrase a little bit,

"Dude, he is SO gonna come back and campaign for me. Before this is over. To seal the deal bro, know what I'm sayin'? He's my homie. For real, we be tight and shizznit. Barry will be back for me... (tearing eyes) he will be here... (sniffle) he so will... (sobs)..."

Really? You guys are tight? What, because he accepted your Facebook friend request? In case you missed it and judging by the blank look in your faces, you have... the White House released its schedule. No Iowa stop. No POTUS... I mean VPOTUS, Biden, is coming to Catholicsville USA... to help Braley (and THAT should tell you everything)... But... no Obama stop. Nopes, not at all. Ziltch. Nada. Just like Culver's chance at a second term. Which is kind of ironic in a way... I mean you know... Culver making promises he can't keep. It all makes sense now.

More to come... stay thirsty and just because we loves ourselves some junior high humor mixed in with our politics around here.... here's your video of the week that is making me and other like minded 13 year olds... giggle.