Boswell vs Zaun... Cmon son!

So yeah. Brad Zaun and Leonard Boswell debated last night on KCCI... Remember when I said that I thought Leonard was an alright guy... yeah, boy... was I way off on that one. Someone gets a little pissy when you are actually starting to beat him.

As I watched and tweeted the debate... here are a few things I noticed...

THE BOSWELL RAMBLE - Urgh... the most annoying part of any 3rd District debate. When Boswell can't actually answer a question... or doesn't want to go on record on a particiular issue... you get this answer from our very effective *smirk* Congressman:

"Well, uh, that's an important issue... we're gonna need to take a look at that... get our arms around it... then have some meetings to learn more... uh... yessir that's what I'm gonna do."

IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG, BLAME BUSH - This still works? Cool, because I had a hard time putting the lid on a fountain soda... I know, super annoying right? But then I figured it was George Bush's fault. And everything seemed to make sense. This is classic Leonard at his finest. When he can't tell you what his postition is on anything... he sure will tell you what ain't his position... then if he's in a real jam... it's George Bush's fault. Also... if you really him tongue tied... he'll say you are Karl Rove and using Rovarian Rovian er uh Karl Rove tactics.

TERM LIMITS ARE COOL, WAIT NO - Alright, now, the term limits bit. Eh... I have always believed the best term limits are elections... but that's just me. But, when you make a promise... then break it? Not a big stretch for most politicians. Then you answer with, "Well, I was for term limits, but then I got to Washington." Someone get Leonard some relish, mustard, ketchup and all the fixings for his foot.... it'll taste better when he inserts it in his mouth.

THE REAL LEONARD - Last night, for the first time... in a long time. We saw the true Leonard Boswell. Not the war hero that, from what I'm told, flew helicopters... Not the nice good ole boy from Southern Iowa... Actually, it was reversed... this was the angry and smug good ole boy. You know these types, the ones who are never wrong. If you make a legitimate arguement against a certain vote of his... he takes it like you just said something about his mother. Lenny, it's issues, bruh... chill and actually answer the question. How long have you been elected? Thin skinned much? Case in point that we saw the REAL Leonard Boswell last night... is his closing statement. Instead of saying... its an honor serving you... yeah yeah yeah... I'll fight for yas... blah blah freaking blah... I'm asking for your vote... yadda yadda yadda... he goes with:

"This is actually about choices. Not about those flaming things that Mr. Zaun talks about."

Nice. Stay classy Davis City.

You know, I've heard lots of criticisms on candidates... he said this, she did that... he looks like this, can you believe they did that... yeah, I getcha, alright? Last night, we saw a literally worn out smug rude politician who didn't want to be there and a man who went out of his way to be respectful to an opponent whose campaign isn't worthy of it.

Was there any game changers last night? Nah... but a clear contrast. Someone eager to go to work... And one who can't be bothered to be questioned. #goodjoboutofyou Brad Zaun... And a Cmon son to you soon to be former Congressman Leonard Boswell. Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.