Sunday Morning in Iowa...

Alright... I'm not much of a wear your relgion on your sleave type... I may wear my Good Shepherd Parish sweatshirt once in a while... You gotta represent, I guess. But, this morning we saw a clear sign that Culver/Judge Campaign and the Iowa Democratic Party are out of touch... Or at least their communications departments are out of touch. It's all in their tweets this morning....

Exhibit A: Retweeted by the Iowa Democratic Party

RT @soroecker: Have yet to see a single GOP office open from Ames, to Oelwein

Exhibit B: Retweeted by the Culver/Judge Account

RT @soroecker: The Mason City GOP office is closed, while over 120 Democrats are excited & ready to hear from @culverjudge & @RoxanneConlin

Cool, I get the whole "Oh lookie lookie! We're working harder than they are!!! Go us!! Wooty woot, tootie woot!" Yea... I admit it, I've called the opponents headquarters after 9pm while still stuck in the office. Then after going to voice mail and hanging up. Then proclaiming, "Yeah dude, we're still here! We are working harder than them!" Yeah... Childish? Yes. Lame? Yeah well, when you're putting in tons of hours, getting beat (badly) and need little glimpses of hope... This usually does the trick... But back to their tweets this morning...

So Team Culver/Judge and the Iowa Democratic Party were really talking smack that GOP offices were closed? *gasp* On a Sunday morning? *oh my gosh* Call me Ocho Cinco... Because I'm saying child please... And I'll say it... They have zero clue.

Your average Iowan... At 10:00am on a Sunday morning... Are probably gonna be at their place of worship... Um, its the truth... That's what most folks do.

Ask Patty Judge what most folks are doing on a Sunday morning in Monroe County? Betcha, you get the same answer. At church.

Listen, I get it Team Culver and Iowa Democrats... Even though you're, well, getting your clock cleaned... (Oh, and I've been in your shoes, not fun) You're trying to show momentum. Awesome. And I'll give it to you... You guys finally learned a bit about this Twitter thing without sounding smug and petty at the same time. Good for you...

But you proved something to everyone this morning... How out of touch you really are. When you were actually talking smack about closed County Republican Headquarters on a Sunday morning, that pretty much closed the case for anyone who had any doubt. You have zero, ziltch, nada... No clue at all.

Oh and don't worry... County Republican Headquarters will be open today... Well except in Sioux County, Pella and a few others... But you probably don't have any idea why... As you have managed to prove so this morning.