Polk County...

Our balls to the walls coverage continues with a little local flavor. Polk County.

Now I've already talked about this wave thinger happening... And while there many many local yocal races happening... To me, Polk County is kind of taking a center stage. Why you ask? The Polk County Republican Party.

Now Steve Roberts may have to enlighten me... But I'm not sure I've ever seen a Polk County Party so active and on offense. They have candidates running in just about every office if I'm counting right... Now there all sorts of action happening... But where is the epicenter? Let me play this tune for you...

That's right... The Eastside. Who would have thunk it, right? Que the next tune...

Former congressional candidate Dave Funk is really becoming the leader of this charge on the East side of Polk County, and its getting noticed. I have had a few prominent Democrats who have commented to me in person on how a bit nervous... Er... Nautious they are getting about what's going on. Then you got candidates like Kim Pearson who is, from what I have been told, has been really making some noise and garnering support.

Listen, there are a whole lot of success stories going on. A lot I'll credit to the Polk County party and the candidates who stepped up willing to serve. I know for a fact that there is a massive ground game being implemented this weekend. Again, from my experience, the largest and most agressive I've ever seen.

How is this happening? Again, good leadership and candidates... But the Polk GOP has a little ace in the whole... Named Darrell Kearney. You all know DK and what he can do... Raise some cash. Leadership and great people to step up to run is one thing... Having the money to do it is another... And the Polk County Party has some money now and spending the right way.

#goodjoboutofyou to the Polk County GOP... Lots of work to do, but they are getting it done.

Stay thristy... More on its way..