Pre Election Quick Hits...

Awe yeah doggs... We brought back one of our favorite headers... and features. I've been getting hit up with a lot of questions lately. From texts, emails... from the peeps, readers and random strange at bars. So I thought, what the hell... do some quick hits of some frequently asked questions in the form of Quick Hits.

How well are we doing? Easy enough question to start. Very good. We just need to keep pushing.

How is [insert down ticket candidate name here] doing? Are they going to win? You wanna know how good our down ticket peeps are doing? Check the latest media buys for the last 6 days. With out getting into too much detail... here's what you have to watch... Brenna Findley's and Matt Schultz's number on election night. If one of these two (or both) are winning... look the hell out.

How's the state house and senate? See previous answer. For real, you can't help to be nothing short of impressed on how the legislative teams have done this year. They've done their homework, recruited very well and are just straight up getting after it. I have a ton more on this, but here's my teaser on another post I got coming... Watch the Bailey/Iverson and Olive/Bacon races. More to come on this one.

When did the Culver Campaign (and the IDP) finally figure out how to use Twitter? Oh yeah... I know, funny right? Yeah... someone else must have taken over the Twittering duties for sure. Less smug more... actual interesting. Good for them... you know.... with less than a week to go.

What's there left to do from now until Tuesday? Plan parties? Um... Horrible question. Worst in history. Terrible. There are so many great races up and down the ticket that need you. Grab a phone and be somebody. Tell your friends.... let's BCS run up the score on these guys. Stomp on their necks... lets finish them, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

More to come... stay thirsty and get your GOTV on.