Losing Your Phone is Goats

Alright back in the saddle here at the QCI HQ. I know... I kinda took a brake... well, it wasn't ERR or is kinda my fault. You see... I lost my Blackberry. That

I figure if I ever find some chick dumb enough to have a kid with me... and the said child went missing... I'm pretty sure this is what its like... and I'm as serious as a dry keg 4 hours before kick off. Not good dudes, not good at all.

After a couple of very well written hate messages to me.... hate in the sense of hating that I haven't posted in what seems like ages... I figured I try to start and get back to what we do well around here. Being nice and random. So let us begin.

THE PARTY - Dudes, last time I posted I was on my way to celebrate my 33rd time around the sun. It was awesome! And we raised some dough for the peeps. #goodjoboutofyou

DEBATES FREAKING EVERYWHERE - In case you've missed it... and judging by the empty stares you have... there's been a ton of debates. One that caught my eye was (naturally) the Zaun/Boswell one... Dudes... how desperate has Boswell been in this entire campaign. All of my favorable views of him have gone in the toilet. For real... turns out he's not you're grandpa... just another politician who will do anything to keep his seat and kick ass Congressional pentions. And can be a real jerk too. Who knew? High five Lenny... nah, middle finger to you Congressman. Thanks to you, you've turned this race more ugly than licking the floor of the Iowa State Fairgrounds Grandstands after a Michael Bolton concert. Yeah that ugly and tastes just as good as an isult to the process you have produced for the pass 5 months.

CULVER HAS A CHANCE! He so does! He's at a perfect 39%!!! Dudes! Momentum! Yeah...momentum. Can't wait until we fire up the ole Ganske for Senate Re-elect next cycle! Oh wait... yea... You can crank all the Journey you want pal, it ain't gonna happen. But the "Milk Party" vs Tea Party bit is cute. Um... sorry. Not really at all. I hear, DC and working in the administration is a nice transistion.

More stuff coming... I promise.... Until then, jam out to one of my new favorites... Danielle Ate The Sandwich!!! Stay thirsty my friends.