I Want My Two Dollars!!!

When I hear about newspaper endorsements, I always think of this kid. Dudes... anytime you can make a Better Off Dead reference... it equals amazing...

Anyways... 13 days (spooky... muwahahahaha) to go and the newsies are making their picks. Newspaper endorsements can be a funny thing sometimes... Not sure how much weight they have as much as they are another way to get your name in again... no what I'm saying? I mean... On our side... its a double edged sword if the Des Moines Register endorses you... In some part... I see it as a victory... some will see it as the communist red star endorsing... "Why don't you just say Stalin endorsed ya, ya bum!" OK, maybe that's a little bit of stretch.

Anyway... to me newspaper endorsements are weird, cool, bad and all that with a side of green beans and bacon.

I'll always remember when the DMR endorsed McCain in the '08 Caucuses... did it help? Oh hell yes it did. Why? It was a free ad... But the others scoffed... but, I argue it got us from being completely dead in Iowa... to 3rd.

The other side lives for newspaper endorsements....

You wanna know how much Democrats put weight in newspaper endorsements? Dudes... if you needed anymore evidence of the media worship the left has... read this bit by Gary Barrett in the TIR... Not only did Gary jack it out further than Pedro Cerrano in the one game playoff against the Yankees... but he shows how much these guys worship the media.... hell, after that one, I'm starting to see Lefties start calling the Gazette "right leaning"... C'mon man.

Anyways.... this Sunday or Late Saturday evening should slop your inner political junkie with a little gravy and a biscuit when these endorsements come out.

What the hell is with the food things today?

Until then... stay hungry? And a... wait... get out of your chair... no, I'm telling you. Stand up. Crank this and shake it like you mean it. Stay thirsty my friends.