Stanhope, Iowa is Epic

It’s a great day to be from God’s Country today my friends! Not only is Saturday… a National Holiday back home… the 53rd Stanhope Watermelon Day… but it just gets better… Tonight… Stanhope, Iowa… is going to be on National Television!!! At 9:00pm Iowa time tonight… on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations… on the Travel Channel.

Why? They will feature a long time business and not so hidden treasure… the Stanhope Locker. And for those in the know… it is epic. Seriously dudes. Stanhope Locker is off the chain… and so is their famous beef jerky.

I think I’ve said this before… but I love it when my friends and loyal readers say, “Dude, drove through Jewell yesterday.” Or texting me, “Dude, going through Stanhope.” My first response is… Good! Stop and spend some money! And if you are in the area… you’ll wanna spend some money on the good stuff. And where is the good stuff? The Stanhope Locker. I guarantee you… if you stop there once… you’ll be back every chance you can.

Of course the beef jerky is worth the drive. But… I’m tellin’ ya dudes… you won’t find better pork burgers than the ones they got at the Locker. Yeah… I know… it is pretty hard to mess up a pork burger… and I have had many. But for some reason… the ones from Stanhope are the best ones I have ever had. And the same goes for just about everything there. It’s hard to explain until you’ve had it. Also... for you hunters out there… they are crazy good with processing deer. So good, they usually have a waiting list.

Dudes… I loves me some Stanhope Locker. I’m a pretty lucky guy. Why? It’s pretty safe to say… me, my family, and many others in God’s Country grew up on meat from the Stanhope Locker. So off the chain… it’s crazy freaking good.

So… alright… be sure to check it out tonight! Travel Channel tonight, 9pm Iowa Time… or Central Time for you folks up in Story City. Here’s some linkage for you on tonight’s showcase of one of the best places to hit when you’re God’s County…

Flyover Foodie - #goodjoboutofyou Noreen! Wonder who you sources are!

Des Moines Register – Of course they go gaga over the Des Moines stop. One of my favs too! But… C’mon son! Give God’s County some pub.

City of Stanhope – Everything you need to know about Stanhope and Stanhopeans.

Side note here… if you’re looking for a pretty cool day this weekend? Head on up to Stanhope this Saturday! Dudes, you’re kids will think you’re off the chain… and you are gonna score some epic food… both in the Stanhope Park and at the Locker. Oh and free Watermelon all afternoon. Just bring your own fork is all they ask.

So there you have it. Man this is so awesome. Stanhope freaking Iowa is on TV tonight Noice! Something like this makes you want to crank an epic tune! Hit it fellas… and stay thirsty my friends.