One sign that the kids aren't alright...

So.... a few random things for you today. See!!! You cans stop sendings me your hate emauls!! I'm back to a regular schedule! *smirk* But anyways... You know the old saying... "The kids are alright." Yeah... um, no they effing aren't if this kid I ran into represents all the kids... let me explain.
THERE ARE ZERO NEGOTIATIONS ON THIS - So I ran into a new loyal reader recently... younger fella... just finishing up college... We swapped a few stories and started to do the typical dude thing... bust out movie lines and references. After an epic back and forth of great lines... I go straight to the go tos... Yes, from one of THE all time greatest movies... Ghostbusters. This is where it gets ugly. I say... "Back off man, I'm a scientist." Get a blank stare... of which at first... I'm like well, that is a pretty obsure Ghostbuster reference... So I roll with "Are you the key master?" And... then the kid goes, "Oh Ghostbusters, yeah... that's a bad movie." Instantly the record player scratches off in my head. What?!! He just said... Ghostbuster is a bad movie?!! Then I'm peppered with arguements on that its a generational thing?!! Psssht... please... more like child please. When there younge fellas start saying that Ghostbusters is a bad movie... this a sure fire sign... that indeed, the kids are not alright.
WAIT... WHEN DID THE SKUNK SEEM LIKE A GOOD IDEA? Remember the quote of the last post? Yeah... said it again when I read about this Northwest Iowa family had a skunk for a pet... I mean... I loves me some Pepe Le Pew... one of my favorite Loony Tune characters... but I'm not bat shit crazy enough to think that a real one would make a good pet. Oh... and it has rabies too. That's effing amazing. Winner winner chicken dinner!

"So and so... the Sonic Footlong Quater Pound Coney. it was Pukalicious ! ! !"

Um... gross and epic at the same time.... +1!!

NOT A GOOD WEEK FOR DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR TYPES FROM IOWA - Whoah... not gonna lie. I'm just a little taken back by this Vilsack stuff happening in the national news. When the NAACP retracks its praise in a press release... uh... not good. Not good at all. Which surprises me... I mean... this is Teflon Tom Vilsack. He's actually a very great guy. I like the dude. Politics aside, when something like this happens... it's kind of sad.
NEW STUFF COMING TO THE WORLD'S CRAPPIEST BLOG - OK peeps... next January will be our 3rd year of the awesome.... and just about 50,ooo of you have checked this joint out. Thanks dudes. Also... I noticed that there are some new thingers you can add via Blogger... Yeah I know... Nerd alert. Got it. But as many of my loyal readers know... like a good grunge band, I loves me some feedback... so I have added a rating system aat the bottom of each post. Hit it up. Also... you can leave a comment or two... oh and easy on the dick jokes, please. I know who you are.
AND FINALLY... You know... Governor Culver is makes me angry... eh, more disappointed. Oh and not because of policy... politics... nah... it's when he ruins songs for me that are so OJ Simpson... because they are such guilty pleasures... Case in point... his answer the other day on why I-JOBS isn't producing... jobs. Que the Milli Vanilli... and stay thirsty my friends.